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News:Has the Digital Age finally arrived for Brian Jacques?

LordTBT June 18, 2010 User blog:LordTBT
Contributed by LordTBT at 1:11AM GMT, 18 June 2010


Brian Jacques

For years, it has been a known fact that Brian Jacques "abhor[s] modern technology" and that "nothing else makes [him] feel comfortable" except writing in his garden with an old-fashioned typewriter.

Perhaps a recent technological innovation will change all of that. The USBTypewriter is a keyboard that resembles and acts like a writing device from a bygone era. Creator Jack Zylkin has also developed a Typewriter Dock that allows for an iPad to be connected to the device.

All-in-all, a perfect invention for those like Mr. Jacques who want to keep that nostalgic feel around, and with a $400 price tag, I'm sure he can afford it, though I'm not hedging my bets here.

Check out a video below.

USBTypewriter in action

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