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Here is another summary for 2010's The Sable Quean, which gives us a bit more information in regards to what's at stake for the Redwallers. Also of interest is that it listed the page count as 416, whereas the Amazon count is 368. As a reminder, the current scheduled date of release is February 23, 2010.

Check out the new details:

Something is very wrong in Mossflower Country. Dibbuns from all over have gone missing - even those from Redwall. Meanwhile, strange vermin lurk about, eyeing the Abbey covetously. What could they want, and could they be responsible for the missing babes? Vilaya, the Sable Quean, a dark and evil beauty holds the beloved children in her underground lair. And she will only accept one thing in exchange: Redwall Abbey. This time, the stakes are higher than ever for the Redwallers, and they will fight as they never have to save everything they hold dear. "The Sable Quean" is full of suspense and adventure, following in the very Redwall tradition that has enticed and held readers for over twenty years.

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