Contributed by LordTBT at 8:00PM GMT, 19 November 2011


Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales

Random House has officially announced a new type of eBook in a series that they're referring to as "Storycuts."

Essentially, short stories from larger collections are published as individual eBooks for viewing on your e-reader. Among the first of more than 250 short stories are a few from Brian Jacques, extracted from Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales. These include R.S.B. Limited, The Lies of Henry Mawdsley, The Fate of Thomas P. Kanne, Jamie and the Vampires and The Sad History of Gilly Bodkin. Allie Alma and Bridgey are combined into one release, as Allie/Alma/Bridgey.

It appears as if these will be listed on Amazon in the future, however if you're interested in checking the eBooks out now, navigate to the Random House website.

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