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Redwall adventure game concept artwork

Last June, we announced the debut of the Redwall: The Adventure Game project, an officially-licensed video game that was going to feature a new contribution to the Redwall mythology.

Unfortunately, we haven't had any real updates since that time, and their Facebook page indicated that they were facing financial challenges. As with many Redwall-related projects in the past, it was difficult to see what was going to happen.

Until now.

Yesterday evening, Soma Games announced their partnership with the other developers. The Oregon-based company is responsible for producing various apps and games such as Wind Up Robots and Bok Choy Boy, and their largest title, Stargate Gunship, is scheduled to launch in the near future.

You can see Soma Games founder Chris Skaggs discuss the making of Stargate Gunship here.

I've recently communicated with Chris to find out what the long-term plans are for the Redwall adventure game. The company is truly interested in engaging with fans to make sure the game is done correctly and in a respectful way, and their first step will be to launch a Kickstarter to raise funds and build a community relatively soon. As with any Kickstarter, different awards and exclusives will be available for those who donate on specific levels, and a special Minecraft map will be constructed while the game is under development.

As the collaborative effort for the game has just been announced, there is still a lot of information that at this time is not available, or is still in the process of being sorted out. They hope to expand upon previous concepts, however not everything has been formalized yet. Chris describes their idea as a "progressive adventure," with an RPG and puzzles.

In the meantime, until the Kickstarter is launched, enjoy some conceptual artwork below. These people deserve our support, so let's give it to them. They are very enthused about ensuring proper treatment for Redwall.

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