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Redwall promotional goblet

This edition of the Redwall Collectors Community series will be visiting the Redwall TV Series.

Many months ago a Redwall fan e-mailed me a photo of this goblet emblazoned with the logo from the Redwall TV Series. Considering I had never seen it before, I was shocked.

And I knew I had to have one too, so I set about finding out more about them and locating one of these "grails".

The Redwall goblets were manufactured in December 2000 by Carson Industries for a PBS promotion. The goblet comes with an insert card that describes the material it is made out of, Statesmetal, which is a custom-developed alloy designed to emulate pewter. The card also states that each item made out of Statesmetal is crafted by the traditional technique of hand-pouring molten metal into molds.

Only 250 goblets were made, and it was never re-ordered. Additionally, the die used for the logo no longer exists, so it is impossible to make any more.

Along with a video cassette of the Redwall Movie and a Redwall poster, the goblets were given to PBS viewers in return for donations to support PBS programming.

While questing for one of these long lost grails, I had the feeling there had to be other promotional items related to the Redwall TV series lurking out there as well. It turns out I was right. Among other things, I learned that the following Redwall swag was also made:

  • Custom Woven Tapestry Blankets
  • Sheets of Die Cut Stickers
  • Sheets of Custom Tattoos
  • Custom Imprinted Burlap Bags

In addition to the goblet, I have managed to locate 2 out of these 4 items. In the set of custom temporary tattoos, there are 4 characters: Matthias, Cornflower, Basil Stag Hare, and someone who I honestly can't identify because I'm not 100% familiar with the show. If someone can identify the mouse with the axe on the right, it would be helpful. Martin the Warrior carrying an axe.

I also found the custom woven tapestry blanket, which is not the type of blanket designed for warmth, but indeed designed for hanging, like a tapestry. Given that I do not have the space to actually hang it at this time (but I will!) I had to get creative to take a photo of it; the blanket is approximately 5.75 feet in length by 4.41 feet in width, and it's a very nice display of the characters from Season Two.

I'm sure there are other items floating around too, this is just a handful of them. If you know of other Redwall TV Series promotional gear, let us know!

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