Contributed by LordTBT at 1:43AM GMT, 24 April 2011


Redwall: The Next Adventure, front

Happy Easter everyone!

Earlier this month, the second DVD in Kaboom Entertainment's Region 1 re-release of the Redwall TV Series came out: Redwall: The Next Adventure.

The disc is currently available on Amazon for $9.99; and even better, the last release Redwall: The Adventure Begins, normally on sale for $7.99, has been listed at $3.49 for weeks now (which we announced on our Facebook and Twitter accounts)! This means if you want Redwall - Season 1 in its entirety on DVD, it's only $13.48 total, which is a great price considering the independent sellers out there ripping everyone off.

As with The Adventure Begins, there is no pamphlet or anything inside the case, just the disc. Also like last time, there are no special features, just the final seven episodes of season one, with the option to change the language audio track to French.

However, worth noting is two cosmetic errors on the back cover of the DVD case that certainly make this item even more collectible. First, "Abby" is misspelled in the product description, and second, the run time for the disc is listed as 132 minutes, when it is actually 154 (the run time on the disc itself displays this correctly).

Overall, definitely worth getting if you want a copy of the show to watch any time you want legally. Here's hoping Kaboom continues their releases.

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