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The Redwall Cookbook

As it's winter time, and cold in many places of the world, I've chosen the first entry in our Redwall Cooking series to be none other than Hotroot Soup!

However, there is a major disclaimer here: I don't like shrimp. At all. So as a replacement ingredient, I chose chicken.

As I was cooking just for myself and the recipe serves two to four people, I halved the amounts of leeks, onion and potatoes required. Even though I did this, there was still more than enough vegetables in the dish - in fact, each bite contained more vegetables/meat than actual liquid.

I found the soup to be very tasty, although I think if you want it to be very spicy, you need to have a very heavy hand with the chili pepper. I put in slightly more than the recipe called for, and it wasn't very 'hot' at all.

In each feature, I'll reveal the cost breakdown for ingredients that I DIDN'T already have in my kitchen. If I've listed the cost of an item in one article, I won't be repeating it in another.

  • White onion - $0.77
  • Potatoes - $0.88/lb
  • Leeks - $1.99/lb (or 1 leek for $0.16)
  • Vegetable broth - $2.88

Bon appétit!

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