Contributed by LordTBT at 8:37PM GMT, 23 March 2009

Peter, a member of the Redwall Readers Club, has shared the summary of The Sable Quean he received in the mail from their official newsletter.

Here it is, the biggest book of the Redwall Saga!

Guard the Dibbuns, protect your babes! Vilaya the Sable Quean has Zwilt the Shade and her Ravagers stealing young uns! Who can stop this evil which plagues Mossflower? Where are the warriors ready to face a vermin horde? Buckler & Diggs, two Long Patrol Hares on an errand to Redwall Abbey, are thrown headlong into the struggle. Encountering new friends and old enemies they join forces with gallant Abbeybeasts. Here are the quests, the battles, the ballads and the feasts! So pack your vittles, bring your courage and have your wits about you when you join our friends on a dangerous adventure.

But beware of the Sable Quean!

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