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Redwall - The Adventure Begins, 2003 cover

Last month, December 2009, Nelvana announced long-term agreements with Phase 4 Films to "market, manufacture and distribute many of Nelvana Enterprises' existing and upcoming children's properties on DVD in the U.S. and Canada."

We are happy to report that "existing children's properties" includes the Redwall TV Series!

The Redwall TV Series will be returning to Region 1 DVD (fingers crossed for blu-ray in the near future) on March 9, 2010 with the apparent re-release of Redwall: The Adventure Begins. I say "re-release" because the title and length (132 minutes) is the exact same as the 2003 Funimation release, Redwall - The Adventure Begins. That release included the first six episodes of Redwall - Season 1, and provided that this is a re-release, I'm sure we can only expect the rest of Season 1, and Seasons 2 and 3 to follow. This is the first Region 1 Redwall release since 2006.

Unclear is the time length of Nelvana's agreement with Phase 4. Let's hope it's long enough for United States Redwall fans to finally pick up this TV show without getting ripped off by independent sellers (I'm looking at you, $100+ eBay and Amazon merchants). This release for 2010 is listed on Amazon brand new for only $7.99. Pre-ordering would probably be wise.

Story Update 1/13/2010

The cover art has been revealed!

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