Contributed by LordTBT at 8:24AM GMT, 8 May 2009

Sean Rubin, the illustrator for The Sable Quean, was featured recently in The Daily Princetonian for his achievements. In the article, a few more details in regards to the forthcoming novel and the illustrations happened to come out, specifically, what species we can expect. Here are the key comments from Sean:

  • "This is going to be the first originally released Redwall book that’s going to be illustrated in pencil."
  • "I have this friend who played football, and he became a badger. Another friend posed for me as a villainess. She’s very elegant and exotic, and I thought she’d make a good sable."
  • "There should also be a bunch of Princeton-style architecture...I sort of went out of my way to ensure that happens."

It's safe to say that badgers will be returning with The Sable Quean! We look forward to the seeing the artwork from Redwall's newest interior artist.

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