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Earlier today Soma Games revealed a lighting render of Cavern Hole for Redwall: The Warrior Reborn, with the known Neebrock demonstration badger character and a "cutlass-wielding member of the Long Patrol."

It should be noted that "This is pre-alpha in-engine art. It is not representative of gameplay."

The background music is the song "Media Vita in Morte Sumus" as performed by the Oregon-based Veritas School choir specifically for Soma.

Additionally, Soma revealed some previously unknown knowledge about how this game came to be.

Brian Jacques' answer to a fan question many, many years ago about video games is widely known: "I really dislike such things!"

However, it appears that Brian had a different opinion later on.

"What is NOT widely known is that as the video game technology and craft matured and it becomes possible to make a game that was not just a 'splat the rat' button masher - Brian actually came to change his mind," Soma posted on Facebook. "The deals and licenses and permissions that made this project possible all came into existence while Brian was still alive - not after his death. But of course he passed away pretty suddenly so the clarification on that point was never forthcoming."

You can view the render below.

Redwall The Warrior Reborn - Cavern Hole Render by Soma Games

Redwall The Warrior Reborn - Cavern Hole Render by Soma Games

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