Lord Blackthornedrose

  • My occupation is Spammer, Hacker, Jerkface Who Frames Others And Gets Them Arrested
  • I am Male
  • Lord Blackthornedrose

    Pain of Forgotten Memories By Lord Blackthornedrose Book One: Pity for a Beast

     There he lay in the sand half buried and half dead, hurt from a wrecked ship at sea and in great pain. His name was Blackthornedrose but his family called him Blackthorn for short. He was washed ashore by the tide badly wounded and in great need of medicinal attention. Through half opened eyes he saw a score and a half of Hares approaching him he could hear only small pieces of what they said.  “Is he dead Cottonpaw?”  “No I don’t think so come on lets get him back to the mountain you all need to make a stretcher so we can take him back to Salamandastron you hear me?” In reply the Hares all let out a single earsplitting word. “AYE” Carefully they transferred the…

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