• Lord Glennonpaw

    Salamandastron – Born Anew

    Book One: A Fallen Badger


    Abbot Walter had never been one for games, but this was a special occasion, it was the end of the Four Seasons War. For the past four seasons a cruel horde of ferrets, weasels, and stoats headed by the despicable war lord, Hugo Spikefur had been attacking the abbey. He is, or rather was, a greedy, selfish, yet very cunning ferret. He had made his first appearance last summer when he marched his entire horde of 10 score up the path coming from the southern lands. He had them lined up in front of the abbey armed to the teeth with spears and bow and arrows. He then ordered the abbey’s immediate surrender of he would murder all of the creatures inside. There was a silence when a thwang…

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