Lord Highcliffe

aka Rudin

  • I live in Salamandastron
  • I was born on June 19
  • I am Male
  • Lord Highcliffe

    Dark Visions

    April 17, 2013 by Lord Highcliffe

    The night had crept up on the town, shadowing it and enveloping it all in hues of navy blue and violet. However, the city was not sleeping. Lights shone through windows and open doorways, casting a watery glow through the mist-enshrouded streets. At the Hell's Gate Tavern, business was thriving. The air inside was thick with the fumes of tobacco and the stench of grog and rum. A continual humming of conversation flowed as freely as the liquor sold, mingling with the sounds of somebeast scraping away on a violin and the loud, angry voice of a big brutish weasel who didn't think he needed to pay for his grog.

    Seated at a circular table in a secluded part of the room several beasts sat. They swilled their grog slowly, their eyes were riveted o…

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  • Lord Highcliffe

    My Poems

    April 16, 2013 by Lord Highcliffe

    When I was a young ratjack

    I joined the crew of the Blackjack

    To sail the foaming main

    The bos'n was a fat old rat

    The Cap'n was called Grimy Nat

    But both of them were slain

    Ole Cooky Slopp could whop up a stew

    That'd lay out 'arf the crew

    An' yer'd think yew'd gone insane!

    Rigg the fox called a mutiny

    Sent the first mate to the bottom of the sea

    An' said "He ain't comin' back again!"

    One dark night while all were a-bed

    We crashed into a reef, they said

    An' it caused us so much pain

    The ol' Blackjack sank like a stone

    None survived but I alone

    An' that's when I vowed never again to sail the main!

    Around the mess'all table we sat

    M'jolly lads an' I

    Berrin Forgey was enormously fat

    An' vowed to scoff all th' pie!

    Tiny Torpil shook his head

    "That's a bloomin' lie!" he…

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