• Lord Jake the Warrior

    Chapter 2 The Trickster sat on his chair, his body surronded in wraith-like shadows. Ten slaves, caught trying to escape, knelt infront of The Trickster, terrified, awaiting there fate. The Trickster released a serpent-like hiss. "ssssssss! The Trickster, Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the Spectral Wastes, says....DIE!!!!" As he said this, he raised his right hand. A black Shadow raced across the room, forming insubstancial claws, which decapitated the ten slaves with one lazy swipe. "Behold The power of the Thousand Green Eyes, None Shall Survive!!!" Schreeched the Shadow, letting out a roar. "All hail the Green Eyes" replied the Ferret Loki, who some called the Trickster.

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  • Lord Jake the Warrior

    Chapter 1 Captain Tamello De Fformelo Tussock bolted up the stairs of the fortress stronghold of Salamandastron. Not bothering to knock, he burst in.

    "Sir, He's bally done it again, wot wot"

    Badger Lord Russano the Wise looked up gravely.

    "Where is he?" enquired Russano

    The Wolverine raised his feral maw, growling at the Long Patrol hares in the Great Hall of Salamandastron.

    He ran at the nearest hare, rumored to be the greatest swordsman at Salamandastron. He quickly brought his savage claws up.

    "Stop this childish nonsense right now!!!"

    The Wolverine turned and stared with bloodshot eyes at the old Bager Lord. He growled menacingly. The bager stood there, unafraid. The Vermin charged, leaping up, ready to rake his claws on the badgers chest.


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