• Lord Mactalon

    Essay: I AM.

    April 26, 2011 by Lord Mactalon

    Welcome to philosophy 101. Didn't know falcons could write about philosophy? Think again. ;)

    The phrase "I am that is", is partially illogical, but clearly conveys some deeper meaning besides merely being jumbled letters of the name Matthias. Though the words themselves form no coherent phrase, it contains two identities which appear to hold valuable insights.

    First: "I am." You may have heard the famous phrase: "I think, therefore I am.". First laid out by the philosopher Descartes, this statement is among the more profound ever to be placed into print. Why? It's because all else follows, once one accepts the statement: "I am." For those of you who have yet to study epistemology (I haven't studied it formally either), one of, if not the mos…

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  • Lord Mactalon

    Redwall is a fictional place. I used to fantasize about what it would be like for it to be real. I would look at my house-- a large, two story, red bricked home, and dream about mice running around making things in mouse-sized ovens; about my mom screaming in horror at all the animals in her kitchen... okay, maybe not that. But I will never forget the beautiful picture of life it brought to my imagination. I still have a unexplainable liking for squirrels (my favorite animal in Redwall).

    I am now an adult. I have a job (two, actually). I take courses on contract theory and political philosophy. Suit jackets are a large part of my wardrobe now. All of this is in stark contrast to my childhood thoughts of imaginary worlds. Or is it?

    I desired …

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  • Lord Mactalon

    Essay: 500 houses

    April 17, 2009 by Lord Mactalon

    I see a kid standing in front of a play house. A wooden tree house sheltered underneath a bunch of old oak trees. It is a cool autumn evening; the leaves are beginning to turn, and a quick breath goes into me as I fold my arms to keep warm from the early cold front sweeping south.

    But my attention is on a kid standing in front of the house. A sudden wind sweeps across the yard and slams into the weak structure, whipping a window shutter open, and then slamming it closed again.

    But there is no one to tack it down. There is no one to keep it up.

    I shake my head-- that isn't true. Suddenly, my attention is drawn to another kid walking across a yard much like the one I am standing on-- this kid is a good distance from me, but I immediately see a …

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