Lord Rose Thorn

aka Vladimir

  • I live in Goshen Ohio U.S.A
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is Writer, Artist, Digital Designer.
  • I am Male
  • Lord Rose Thorn


    As dawn broke, the sun shined down upon the inhabitants of this peaceful and kind kingdom. The Farmers were already up and tending to their crops.

    "Morning Haybor."

    "Morning Tertric."

    "How's the King and Queen?"

    "Doing fine I bet, my little brother's been sending me messages and invitations to come and visit. He is a father now and Rosaline is a mother."

    "That's very nice. That makes you an Uncle now too!"

    "Aye that it does."

    "Why don't you accept the invitations?"

    "Are you kidding me? I can't just go off and leave my crops untended."

    "Why don't you leave it to me and go see your new little nephew?"

    "No I'm sorry I just can't bother you with that."

    "Oh It's no problem at all. I can handle it, I have way too much time on my paws."

    "Alright, co…

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  • Lord Rose Thorn

    == The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter One ==

     Swiftly the masked intruder ran through the thickest woods ever imagined knocking over trees as if they were nothing. He quickly turned to see his pursuer, a little hare no bigger than his fist.

     “Excuse me my lord but aren’t you the new Badger Lord of Salamandastron?” asked the little hare.

     “Yes I am but right now I am on a very personal mission right now is there something wrong?” asked Rosethorn.

     “My parents are so cold they won’t wake up and they haven’t moved for days I am starving and don’t know where to find food can you help me?”

     “I guess I could help but why don’t we go see your parents first?”

     “Alright then my burrow is this way also my name is Fuzzmitt.”

    The li…

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  • Lord Rose Thorn

    == The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter One ==

     It has been two whole days since Rosethorn and his family left the Abbey of Redwall. During these two days they have been working on the ship formerly known as The Creature Killer now to be known as The Rose of Destiny. The ship has been cleaned, repaired, and renamed ready for its maiden voyage.

    “Is everyone ready for shoving off?” asked Rosethorn.

    “Yeah we’re all ready and ship shape.” replied Haybor.

    “Alright here we go!” exclaimed Rosethorn.

    They shoved off the riverbank sailing down river toward the mountain fortress Salamandastron. The ship glides smoothly across the river as if there were no passengers aboard. They calmly relaxed gazing at the passing trees and foliag…

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  • Lord Rose Thorn

    == The Badger and the Rose: Book One A Champion in the Midst Chapter One ==

    It was a terrible storm sweeping across the Northlands. All manner of plant life and random discarded objects were being torn throughout the storm. There was barely any beast out in the open where the storm was raging. The kind skipper of otters, Skipper Wavecrester was trying hard to get his tiny otter babe and otter wife out of the storm. Frantically he ran and searched until he finally found a cave in the Cliff-side. Inside him and his wife Perla started a fire with some dry wood they found in the cave. They started to make some good old shrimp and hotroot soup.

    While the soup was cooking he checked on his little otter babe, Roughtide was his name. He was shivering v…

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