== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter One ==

Swiftly the masked intruder ran through the thickest woods ever imagined knocking over trees as if they were nothing. He quickly turned to see his pursuer, a little hare no bigger than his fist.

“Excuse me my lord but aren’t you the new Badger Lord of Salamandastron?” asked the little hare.

“Yes I am but right now I am on a very personal mission right now is there something wrong?” asked Rosethorn.

“My parents are so cold they won’t wake up and they haven’t moved for days I am starving and don’t know where to find food can you help me?”

“I guess I could help but why don’t we go see your parents first?”

“Alright then my burrow is this way also my name is Fuzzmitt.”

The little hare led Rosethorn to her little burrow and showed him her parents who were very skinny and they were not moving an inch.

“Why don’t you gather your things and meet me outside okay?”

“Okay my lord, thank you but won’t my parents wake up?”

“I am sorry little one but they won’t wake up ever again they are in an eternal rest and may never wake up from it the best thing we can do is seal off your little burrow and hope no beast disturbs them.”

So Rosethorn took little Fuzzmitt outside and sealed off the entrance to the burrow. He traveled for a few days with the little hare and decided he would take care of her for a while. They traveled for a few more days and only stopped to rest.

“Why don’t we set up camp here little one?”

“Okay then I will get out some food out and we can eat a nice meal sir.”

Rosethorn gathered some firewood and started making a little camp just big enough so they could roast some vegetables and heat up some soup.

“How long have your parents been like that and how did they get like that?”

“I think they were like that for three weeks and I don’t know how they got like that it scares me to try to think about what caused it.”

“You don’t need to worry your with me after all what could happen to a little e thing like you when I am around?”

“I really don’t want to think about it right now, anything could happen to me if you’re around or not if you do think about it.”

“Alright then finish up your food and don’t worry about it much when you’re done eating you should go to sleep I will watch over you.”

That night Rosethorn lay awake fully alert and ready to spring into action if he needed to. Moments passed and Rosethorn grew weary of keeping watch all night long suddenly his eyes grew wide as he heard something coming closer to the small camp. He pretended to be in a deep slumber and kept one eye slightly open and waited for the intruder.

“There he is lady Seratiss will be very pleased when I bring her the beast responsible for killing her son. I can hardly wait for this, ack!”

Rosethorn immediately sprang up and grabbed the intruder by his throat holding him above the ground by about six feet.

“What are you doing here and who is lady Seratiss?”

“Aren’t you the Black Spirit?”

“No! I am Rosethorn Lord of Salamandastron, son of Theralious and Rosaline. Who are you?”

“I am Artheris the Spy I serve under no beast I am on a mission for the one who hired me known simply as Lady Serratiss. Her son was ruthlessly murdered by the Black Spirit.”

“All right then tell me where the Black Spirit is before I rip out your throat!”

Immediately Rosethorn’s eyes turned a deep rosy red the fox watched his eyes in the silvery moonlight and trembled in horror.

“What is it to you?”

“The Black Spirit along with six others is responsible for the murder of my parents, all together they are known as The Seven Sinister Systems of Death. Gallette Gortus was one of them.”

“When you say was you mean?”

It was silent for a while then Rosethorn nodded.

“So you did I may want to consider teaming up with you.”

“I don’t team up with vermin.”

“Excuse me? I was brought up by very good beasts I was orphaned when I was born, if it wasn’t for two badgers known as Barius and Toan stumbling upon my location I wouldn’t have survived up to this point to tell about it. They were kind enough to raise me properly. I owed them my life and I still do. When I was older and properly educated they trained me to fight, on the battle field I was fighting alongside my new family I was almost killed by a poisoned arrow, the oldest of the two badgers Barius in this case shielded me and gave his life for me. Shortly after that the other one Toan was beheaded. I was so furious that I went into a weird frenzy, the end of the war came and only one warrior from each side survived, me and a wildcat. When I went into that frenzy the wildcat looked at me and said he wanted me in his army, that I was rare because I had blue eyes, then he looked at my eyes and was shocked. He said my eyes were different, I looked at my reflection on my blades polished surface my eyes were a bright violet he was disappointed so he hit my head with a club and fled away from the battlefield like the true coward he is. I never saw him again until I thought he was the Black Spirit or he was in league with him.”

“Fine you may join me and my little companion but if you make one wrong move, you’re on your own!”

The rest of the night was peaceful and quiet; no-one else appeared at the small camp so Rosethorn lay on his back and went to sleep. The next morning the new arrival woke Rosethorn and asked if it was alright to make some warm fruity oatmeal for everyone.

“There should be some fruit trees near here go and get some and I’ll start up a fire.”

“Thank you sir I shall return shortly with the provisions.”

After a short while he returned indeed with lots of apples, peaches, and even various kinds of sweet ripe edible berries.

“I’ll get it started right away sir. Okay bring fresh water to a boil then add the oats let it absorb the water and add some honey, mince the berries and fruits, stir it all in and serve.”

“I’ll wake up Fuzzmitt while you serve it up.”

“Good morning my lord, uh who is that?”

“This is Artheris he is a good beast searching for a wildcat.”

“Okay then what is that smell? It is very good!”

“It’s breakfast Artheris made it.”

“May I try some?”

“Of course you can little one just out of curiosity how old are you?”

“I don’t really know I think I am about nine seasons old.”

“Nice to know, why don’t you just sit down and eat some breakfast then we’ll set off for our next destination.”

The whole morning passed and the whole time Rosethorn grew ever eager to exact his revenge on those who killed his parents.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s RevengeChapter Two ==

To Rosethorn’s surprise there was a hawk carrying a message with very important news.

“Well if it isn’t Dartclaw old friend what is new.”

“Hello Rosethorn I have some very important news that you should be very proud of.”

Rosethorn took the scroll and unrolled it to his surprise it read

To my dear Rosethorn since the time you have been gone for about two seasons now I have had the urge to tell you that you are now the father of three little badgers’. One I have named Thorn he has your ears, another I have named SlimBlade, and the last I have named Rose. I hope you are safe and I pray for your return and I hope you find those who killed your parents.

Sincerely yours forever Badger Lady Alleria.

“I can’t believe this I am the father of three new badger babes; nothing could possibly make me more proud. Dartclaw I need you to do me a favor.”

“Yes Rosethorn?”

“Take Fuzzmitt to Salamandastron and tell my wife Lady Alleria to make sure she is kept safe then come back about somewhere ahead of us maybe near the upcoming waterfall. Fuzzmitt do you think you can keep your self safe with Dartclaw?”

“I think I can why do I have to leave though?”

“Because we are very close to getting the Black Spirit to Lady Serratiss for punishment and we might not be able to protect you from the enemies.”

With that Fuzzmitt flew off on Dartclaw’s back to Salamandastron. Rosethorn and Artheris set off for the location of the Black Spirit.

“Look out Artheris duck!”

As a series of javelin flew over Artheris’s head, Rosethorn swiftly drew his swords and immediately started cutting down the javelins before they could even hit him. Rosethorn countered every blow that would have been dealt by swinging his swords in an incredibly expert manner.

“Go and see if you can sneak up on them from behind and knock them out I’ll be there once the javelins stop flying at me.”

Artheris swiftly snuck away from the continuous onslaught of javelins and carefully quietly snuck up behind the enemy. He was right behind them and immediately he knocked them all out one by one. He hit the leader who fell mumbling.

“Who dares attack the Black Spirit...?”

“Rosethorn I got them.”

“Is that the Black Spirit?”

“Yeah he even mumbled about him being the Black Spirit before he went out.”

“Let’s see who he is shall we?”

Immediately Artheris froze quivering slightly as he saw the face of his old enemy. Slowly his eyes shifted into a bright ominous violet and then the unexpected happened as he jumped at his old foe in front of Rosethorn and was about to deal the ending blow before Rosethorn swiped him out of the air. Artheris skidded on the ground from the force of the swipe and immediately ran back at Rosethorn determined to kill his enemy.

“What is wrong with you Artheris? Snap out of it now before I have no choice.”

“No! I have to avenge my family even at the cost of my own life I will never stop. I must kill him.”

That was all he said as Rosethorn grabbed hold of his throat and held his new friend off the ground in a firm grip. Seconds ticked by until Artheris fell into a deep forcibly administered sleep.

“When you wake up we’ll have to have a little talk.”

A few moments after Artheris awoke tied to a tree struggling to get free from his bonds. Rosethorn had the others tied up and hung on a huge tree limb by the rest of the rope from their upper backs.

“Let me go Rosethorn I can control myself enough.”

“Are you so sure of that?”

“Yes I am sure you can trust me.”

“Very well then just don’t do anything so what do we do with them?”

“I say we kill them right here and now.”

“No I have a better idea, you what is your name other than the Black Spirit?”

“I am Wrangil the Conqueror one of many who helped kill the rulers of Rosetalia. Are you one of them stripe dog?”

“How dare you I demand you tell me why you did it or let the wrath of the Royal Family and the ruler of Salamandastron rain down upon you endlessly till you reach the gates of Dark Forest.”

“Certainly my lord, ha you’re that whiny brat that Gallette Gortus was after aren’t you? Look how you’ve grown you would have been very useful to us.”

“I challenge you to a duel to the death your freedom depends on your answer stripe cat.”

“Ha I accept your challenge but I’ll warn you that for every one of us you kill your just giving your friend over there an even harder time with his Symmatriarc and Hellfire problem.”

“What do you speak of stripe cat?”

“Hellfire is an incredibly deadly ability that is passed down to only the greatest or most worthy warriors and for every one of us you kill he gets worse you will also get it eventually. Symmatriarc is an incredibly old ability based on magic itself and he looks like he is the chosen one we were looking for ha to think I passed up the opportunity to capture and re-educate him it is very funny. Judging by the way you’re reacting to this I’d say you already killed Gallette Gortus. Am I right?”

“You are correct but no more stalling I would love to end you right now!”

Rosethorn untied Wrangil and gave him his weapon; it was a broadsword with countless tiny rubies embedded in the hilt with a rare looking large one as the pommel stone.

“Are you nervous stripe dog?”

“No just excited stripe cat.”

The battle started as Wrangil charged at Rosethorn without a satisfied result in the first move. Rosethorn stepped out of the way and prepared his swords for battle. He combined his swords and his spear to create the exact weapon he used to kill Gallette Gortus a while ago. The wildcat turned around and locked blades with Rosethorn struggling to gain the upper hand he tripped Rosethorn and jumped high into the air preparing for the ending blow that would win this duel. At the last second Rosethorn rolled out of the way and swung his amazing Vanguard Sword of the Rose in a downward arc and knocked the wildcat’s blade from his hands. Flat on the ground the wildcat begged for mercy staring into his attackers eyes and for a split moment he saw what he hoped he would, Rosethorn’s eyes flickered with flames for a split second and the wildcat started an uproarious laugh.

“Ha, ha, ha you are too late now the very thing I was sent to do has been done there is no hope for you now stripe dog you shall forever be doomed to a life of incredible evil, ha, ha, ack....”

Rosethorn immediately beheaded Wrangil and strangely enough something happened to Rosethorn and Artheris. Inside Rosethorn felt good and angry at the same time craving even more bloodshed to his foes while wanting to complete his revenge. Artheris’s eyes began to change and he screamed out in agony as his eyes changed with violent power. Afterwards Artheris checked his reflection and was shocked to see that his eyes were half of a bright violet and half of a bright bloody red.

“Rosethorn what’s going on? What’s happening to me?”

“It seems that what the wildcat said was true and so far I have killed two of the Seven Sinister Systems of Death which leaves five left. You prisoners have a choice you can tell us how to find the other five or you could join the wildcat in death.”

“We have a map of their hide-outs locations sire.” said the wimpiest one of them all.

He handed Rosethorn the map and in return he let them free as long as they never terrorized anyone again. Rosethorn packed up his things and grabbed Wrangil’s sword and slung it across his back.

“Why are you taking his sword?”

“Because it is important to keep the weapons of foe when in their case if some other villain shows up it would tell them about the Seven Sinister Systems of Death when they come across the secret compartments in the weapons all the members who owns a weapon has something very important and special to me that is my property when I was little. Pack up and get ready to move out, I see your eyes have gone back to their natural dark blue color.”

“Oh alright I’ll get my stuff.”

They left the forest that afternoon and luckily came across the hideout of the next member and prepared for a siege. That very same night they waited until the underlings of the one called Zeilour the Torturer and snuck in when they were all gone except for Zeilour of course. They entered the hideout and made their way towards the master chamber.

“Wait Artheris there might be a trap.”

Rosethorn put on the Mask of the Rose and was able to search for any signs of danger. Carefully he disarmed a trip wire that would otherwise cause a spike trap to spring out of the walls around them and opened the door.

“So it was true that you’re still alive Rosethorn. I was hoping you would be.”

The voice came out of nowhere as the evil Zeilour stepped out of the shadows. Rosethorn and Artheris had never seen such a beast it was a horrifically ugly beast that none would dare to tell in even the most horrifying ghost stories. You see Zeilour is a Wearet with the most horrifying laugh any have ever heard.

“What are you? Are you some kind of monster made real?”

“No I am a Wearet of course but enough talk now is the time you die by my hand instead.”

The Wearet threw a chair at Rosethorn who merely put up a single fist and the chair went to pieces once it connected. Rosethorn drew his swords and spear and repeated the same thing with the other two; the Wearet drew his Bastard sword and lunged at Rosethorn. Rosethorn blocked and parried every blow the Wearet was backed into a corner and became even more vicious than he was earlier he drew a solid oak club and struck Rosethorn in the head although knocked out temporarily Rosethorn fell to the ground, Artheris sensing the extreme danger jumped in and guarded Rosethorn’s unconscious body with his very life. Rosethorn recovered quickly from such a blow and decided to finish the fight by throwing his Vanguard Sword after issuing a warning to his teammate. Artheris ducked as the sword flew over his head straight into the Wearet’s body pinning him to the very corner he stood in. Rosethorn retrieved his weapon as well as his enemies and left with Artheris. They got to the river they planned to rest at the same night. Before they started to unpack a young Otter slid out of the river and asked them a few questions.

“Hello there, are you all right?”

“We are fine thank you, just need to rest a bit.”

“Well you shouldn’t sleep out here it is too dangerous why don’t you come with me to my Holt?”

“Sure but might I ask your name?”

“Sure my name is Orval nice to meet you.”

“I am Rosethorn and this is Artheris it is nice to meet you as well.”

Young Orval led the two weary travelers to his Holt where they rested for the night.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Three ==

The next morning Rosethorn awoke inside a beautifully lit chamber Orval was a little ways away from him waking up Artheris.

“Your awake I guess I don’t have to wake you up after all. Come with me there is something I would like you to see.”

“What is it Orval? Do you know which way the nearest waterfall is would you?”

“Wait until after I have shown you the sword.”

“A sword you say? What kind of sword?”

Rosethorn was cut short as Orval opened the door that was built into a hollowed out tree, beyond it there was a small chamber with an altar in the middle of it bearing a sword with a dark leather casing on the sheath. Rosethorn walked up to it with Orval and admired the sword; it had a dark hilt with a beautiful blue gem as the pommel stone. Orval picked up the sword and unsheathed it holding it out in front of him the jet black blade glittering in the twilight turning it in his hands so he could see the carvings in the blade, he said something in a foreign language.

“What was that? I couldn’t understand a word you just said.”

“It is a language only otters can understand; it is written on the blade in our ancestors’ sacred runes. It reads: You are the wielder of the black flame but beware! He who uses this sword for evil shall meet an end fitting for his crimes beware!”

“May I hold it Orval?”

“Absolutely not it is forbidden for outsiders to use this sword for any thing especially evil like the inscription said plus I will be leaving my home soon to join the Freedom Brigade and fight the new enemy rising up known as The Beasts they are ten times the size of normal members of their various species. Rats, Wildcats, Weasels, Stoats, as well as Ferrets and other sorts of beasts are in their ranks. I just hope I will survive long enough so I can come back to my wife and son.”

“You have a son as well?”

“Yes I do, let me guess you do too?”

“Yes two in fact Thorn and SlimBlade, I even have a daughter named Rose.”

“Congratulations my friend I hope you get to return to them.”

“I do hope I can as well Orval, for their sakes. Is it alright if I meet him?”

“Sure don’t see why not.”

Orval lead the two visitors to a small chamber where a little crib sat by a huge bed, inside was a cute little otter babe in a deep sleep murmuring silent words and twitching in his sleep. Seeing such a darling little babe made Rosethorn feel a huge pang of homesickness and made him wish he could go back home and meet his own little ones.

“I don’t know what it is but I feel as if he is really important somehow, it is a strange feeling I have right now and it seems as though I am expecting him in the future this is an awkward experience for me but it seems to want to be cherished in some way.”

“I should tell you I kind of had the same feeling when I met you the other night it felt as if it was fate that led you to me but I’m not so sure if it is indeed the same feeling.”

“I am sorry to say this but I must be going now I have a mission to complete.”

Rosethorn and Artheris left the Holt of Orval in search of their next target.

“Rosethorn I feel strange like I did before.”

“It seems that we’re close to another hide-out.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well for starters it is on the map and you have an ancient power that could help you discern the location of our enemies.”

“I didn’t hear any of that from the Wildcat.”

“Of course you didn’t. I know something about it when I looked in the old library in Salamandastron and stumbled on it after I killed Gallette Gortus.”

“I found it Rosethorn the third one it is right under our feet we’re standing on a woven reed matt let’s go inside and kick them out.”

“No I am going alone this time the map says this is the hide-out of Hrack the Thief, he is a rat that wouldn’t put up much of a fight if any and plus I don’t want to get careless in case someone tries to seal us in. That’s why you’re staying here.”

“Rosethorn be careful then, I’ve grown too really like you and I don’t want to lose a friend besides you remind me of my family.”

“I won’t be killed I’ll promise you that.”

Rosethorn departed for the entrance by removing the matt and descending into the hole. Once he touched the bottom he opened the door and went inside. It was almost as if it were empty save for the leader of this thieves guild Hrack.

“There you are yikes it’s you how are you still alive? I mean how are you doing? I trust that you are well?”

“Stop it now you aren’t going to escape your fate you are going to pay for your misdeeds.”

“That would be true if it wasn’t for me having backup now get him!”

Rosethorn was set upon by two huge animals one was a Ferret who was larger than any other Rosethorn had yet seen and the other one was a Fox with reddish orange fur and twice the size of an average one.

“So you had two other leading members here it shouldn’t be too hard.”

Immediately Rosethorn threw them off of himself and drew his swords and entered a bizarre state that had never befallen him before. Rosethorn’s eyes were blood red with flames emanating from them then it changed to just black flaming pools of nothingness. Rosethorn ran at the Ferret and swiftly beheaded him before he even had a chance to react, then he ran at the fox who gave him more of a challenge, ducking and weaving dodging the blows that would’ve finished any other normal foe in their exact spots where they stood. The Fox took a deep slash on his right arm angry the fox kicked Rosethorn and picked up his scimitar Rosethorn flipped himself up and off his back and threw one of his dual swords straight at the Fox. The fox deflected the sword and deftly dodged an incoming slash from Rosethorn. The Fox charged at Rosethorn and locked blades with him both the Fox and Rosethorn struggled to over power each other, desperately trying to push their foe over so the battle would be done. The Fox pushed Rosethorn over and knocked the blade right out of his hand. The Fox picked Rosethorn up off the ground wrapping both paws around his enemies’ neck chuckling to himself at the mere thought of Rosethorn winning.

“I’m not done with you vermin.”

The Fox began to tighten his hold on Rosethorn’s neck. As he did so Rosethorn began struggling as he had never before trying to shake off his attacker to no avail. Rosethorn’s vision began to grow dim as the air left his seemingly lifeless corpse Rosethorn awoke to a strange place. It was dark and foggy there were trees that looked like they had been dead for ages everywhere; there were two huge gates in front of him. Rosethorn walked toward them as he did so they began to open. Once he was right in front of them two figures came out to meet Rosethorn. To his surprise the two figures were Theralious and Rosaline.

“What is this place how can I see you?”

“Rosethorn this is the Dark Forest home to Hellgates themselves you are dead, you’ve failed your mission.”

“No I won’t fail you I will not allow myself to die while the ones who killed you are still alive. I swear by my honor as the Prince of Rosetalia and the Badger Lord of Salamandastron that I won’t fail.”

Once Rosethorn finished forging one of the most important promises that would ever come to be a bright warm light shone down on him and Rosethorn left the Dark Forest for now. Rosethorn awoke in the thieves’ guild on the floor. Once he remembered where he was and what he was doing he jumped up grabbed his weapon and finished what he started.

“What in the world? You’re supposed to be dead I checked you my self.”

“As long as all of you are alive I will never die.”

Rosethorn advanced on The Fox and the Thief Rat and began the fight again. The Fox thought he could finish this once and for all and went for a little too obvious move, he dived under Rosethorn and jumped up behind him and prepared to strike his enemy down. Rosethorn swiftly turned around and stabbed the Fox right in his middle. Slowly Rosethorn turned toward the Rat and finished him with a simple slash to the back. After the battle ended Rosethorn retrieved the three head member’s weapons and hastily departed upon hearing the screams of his partner.

“Are you alright Artheris?”

Artheris removed his paws from his eyes to show Rosethorn what had happened his eyes were now six different colors Violet, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and a bright pearly Pink.

“It seems that you are changing your fur is changing color as well didn’t it used to be ashy grey?”

“Yeah it was but it’s not anymore now I’m black and white.”

“Are you alright Artheris?”

“Yeah but are you alright Rosethorn?”

“I’m fine. That makes six of them gone and only one left finally my revenge shall come to an end.”

“You mean there were two more than expected?”

“Yes and it seems that what our friend Orval said is true there is a new enemy rising up to power The Beasts are coming.”

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Four ==

Rosethorn and Artheris walked onward toward the waterfall they promised to meet Dartclaw at. They walked for hours occasionally stopping to either rest or eat. By the time they got there it was nearly midnight and the moon was unde3rgoing a sort of strange transformation, it was turning red ever so slowly and Rosethorn couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

“Sure is beautiful isn’t it?”

Rosethorn didn’t answer.

“Hey Rosethorn are you okay?”

Still there was no answer from Rosethorn.

“Rosethorn buddy snap out of it.”

Artheris stood in front of his friend and took one look at his eyes and shrieked as Rosethorn grabbed him by his throat.

“Why are you still here? You are nothing but a big sniveling coward and you are weak!”

Rosethorn’s eyes were blazing fire like a million burning bonfires all in one small area. Artheris gasped for breath as he started to feel the icy grip of death and despair closing in on him ever so slowly. Artheris was silent and a Hellfire stricken Rosethorn laughed insanely craving even more bloodshed until Artheris snapped into consciousness and kicked Rosethorn right in his gut. Rosethorn staggered and dropped an insanely dangerous Artheris on the ground and glared at him as Artheris flipped himself upright and stood face to face with Rosethorn.

“So this is what happens when the Bloodwrath, Hellfire, and the Power of the Symmatriarc are wrapped up all in one huh? Well this is quite unexpected but worth it ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaa!”

Artheris stood there in front of Rosethorn shaking as the three most deadly afflictions surfaced, his eyes were black with six colored flames his muscles grew to twice their size.

“ROSETHORN! You really don’t want to do this. What about your family? Don’t you want to be able to survive to meet your kids? Does any of that mean anything to you? Do you even care about what happens to your wife? How about your uncle you told me about? Do you have any emotions?”

Rosethorn began to shake violently, clutching his head and murmuring things in complete agony. Inside Rosethorn’s head two very different forces were at work. One was an all white badger with Rosy Red eyes the other was an all black badger with eyes of flame and pure evil.

“No! What is going on?”

“Grrrrr I must kill!”

“No stop it!”

”Never! Not ever!”

“I won’t submit!”

“I must kill everyone!”


As Rosethorn’s inner selves fought they were brought together now one complete being. Soon after Rosethorn was on his feet breathing deeply.

“Are you done Rosethorn?”

Rosethorn slowly raised his head and opened his eyes. To Artheris’s surprise they were Rosy pink flames emanating from them, they blazed hotter than any forge ever has before. Then Rosethorn Used his fully unleashed form of the Bloodwrath and the flames changed into black fires as if they were from Hellgates themselves.

“I’ve done it; I’ve taken control of it! I’ll never be out of control of it again.”

Artheris walked up to his friend and reverted to his normal eye color then he embraced Rosethorn in a somewhat brief yet caring hug.

“Don’t ever do that again Rosethorn! I’ve lost too much already and I won’t let anymore be taken or destroyed. Like it or not you’re the only family I have left and I won’t let you die next!”

“You think I am your family now?”

“Of course, you remind me so much of Barius and Toan so much of my family that I lost long ago.”

“Don’t worry I’ll always be here with you little brother.”

As soon as Rosethorn said that Artheris broke into tears and sobbed for the rest of the night. The next morning Rosethorn woke Artheris as Dartclaw swooped down with his team of hawks carrying a big basket with them.

“Hello Dartclaw did you bring the armor and the sword?”

“Yes I did, that black and white armor with the seven different colored gems made into it with the dual sword of black and white metal.”

“Wait when did you make armor for me?”

“I had a vision of a figure with half of a Bright White fur and half of a Dark Black fur wearing the armor and holding the sword. He told me I would make them both for someone I would meet like him.”

“That is incredible!”

“Hurry up and get that armor on! Dartclaw take these weapons back to Salamandastron and tell the long patrol to put them in my forge room on the table. I will be coming home in less than a season.”

With that Dartclaw and his team flew off toward Salamandastron and disappeared from view. Rosethorn and Artheris walked towards an incredibly deep forest and disappeared from view as soon as they entered it. The forest creaked and groaned as a wind started blowing through the trees. Rosethorn and Artheris camped for the night and rested peacefully.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Five ==

Rosethorn looked around mesmerized that there was nothing villainous in the forest. The branches creaked as the wind drove itself onward through the spaced out treetops. Rosethorn and Artheris walked onward then stopped as a battleaxe flew down out of the treetops. There on an Elm bough perched gallantly was a Red Squirrel. He was wiry and somewhat bulky with bright Blue eyes and Orangish-Brown fur. He was wearing some sort of garment that looked like a mix betwixt a tunic and a jerkin with a brown barkcloth belt. He looked to be around 14 seasons he was very young looking for his appearance.

“Stop right there or you’re both dead beasts not a muscle should be moved if you want to live. Who are you and why are you trespassing here?”

“I am sorry I was not aware of this land being yours I am Rosethorn and this is my friend Artheris pray tell us who are you?”

“I am Firlow and I own this forest why are you here? Sent to kill me I bet. No doubt you work for The Seven Sinister Systems of Death?”

“Never am I one of them! I would rather sooner die than work for such scum of the earth!”

“Well aren’t we a feisty one now?

“You wouldn’t happen to know where the leader of said vermin horde resides would you.”

“Well yes and no someone else I know who lives close by does know the way I’ll take you to my friend if you like.”

Rosethorn and Artheris follow Firlow to a small lean-to propped up against a tall Oak tree and a small hill jutting out of the ground like a pointing spear blade. Rosethorn waits outside as Firlow vanishes from sight into the lean-to. After a short while voices could be heard coming form inside, out came Firlow and another creature, a mouse with eyes like lavender and fur the lightest gray that could ever be imagined. She spoke in a calm soothing voice that could charm a bird right out of its nest.

“I am Notch Grayfur; I am a rover, wanderer, explorer what ever you want to call me as they share a great deal in common.”

“I am Rosethorn and this is Artheris my friend, we are looking for the leader of the Seven Sinister Systems of Death.”

“Ah you’re the one who’s after them huh? I know where you can find Zanna she’s the leader but be warned she is the most cunning Warlady I’ve ever clapped eyes on!”

“You know where? Tell me I want to know.”

“I’ll take you there but I won’t fight with you against her I’d sooner keep on roving than to lose my life to her either in slavery or death. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Okay just leave her to me and Artheris we’ll take care of her.”

“Wait could I help you get rid of her for good?”

“Sure Firlow whatever you want to do we’re with you!”

“Thanks Artheris I can’t wait to finally free this land of their evil!”

“Alright fine we have a deal then.”

Notch and Firlow accompany Rosethorn and Artheris on their journey. They walk through the forest and camp at nightfall; they all lie on their backs looking up at the starry night sky and watch the stars glittering like the morning dew on a fresh field of grass. All was calm as they lay there watching the stars. It was a deep longing to be with his family. Lady Alleria, Thorn, Slimblade, and Rose all at Salamandastron cozy and warm by a fireplace. Rosethorn felt more than just a pang of homesickness, Rosethorn kept these feelings to him as he lay there under the stars listening to the stories of his companions.

“Hey Artheris what did you do before you became a warrior?”

“Nothing really I was rescued when I was a babe by two Badgers. They cared and raised me like I was their little brother. Barius and Toan were the only family I had. They took me in when I was helpless and they raised me to be a good beast. They trained me and helped me get stronger. They were killed by Wrangil a member of the Seven Sinister Systems of Death but Rosethorn helped me avenge their deaths.”

“Really, Rosethorn wouldn’t happen to be one of them in disguise would he?”

“Hahaha does it look like I’m wearing a disguise eh Firlow?”

“Hm no I guess not I don’t think there’s a disguise big enough to hide you! I was just asking.”

“Haha I know you were, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“What did you do before this Notch?”

“Oh nothing really just roving from here to there going from one place to the next nothing overall special just sort of average stuff for me. What about you Rosethorn?”

“I was a prince, to a country named Rosetalia. It is a beautiful place filled with wonder and excitement?”

“Well don’t stop now it’s just getting good!”

“Alright, alright calm down! Well one day a fleet of ships arrived on our south coast. Out came a huge horde of vermin and at the head of them stood seven evil beasts. They stormed the castle and slew my mother and father in cold blood. They kidnapped me and my uncle Haybor and left the only place I could call home. A little after that I escaped and found a new family, I fought an Adder with my bare paws and rescued their son Roughtide my new little brother. Skipper Wavecrester, his wife Perla and their son Roughtide became my new family. They adopted me and made me their son.”

“Wow and I’ll bet you went through a whole lot more huh Rosethorn?”

“Aye, that I did Firlow. What did you do?”

“I really don’t want to talk about it!”

“Alright, It’s getting late we should get some rest before Dawn’s first light.”

“You’re right good night everyone!”

“Good night Firlow, Artheris, and Rosethorn.”

“Good night Notch.”

“Sleep well Notch.”

“Rest well and pleasant dreams Notch!”

The serene quietness stole over the four friends, but something wasn’t right. Firlow and Notch were still awake and alert.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Six ==

In the dark two big glittering eyes stared at the four friends sleeping soundly. “Yesss sssleep now ressst while I feed on you. Ssslarisss commandsss you, sleep now and never wake up!”

“Die now foul Snake!”

Firlow was up in the Elm tree next to the Adder as he said those two words he threw his Battle Axe at the Adder’s head cutting it clean off. Firlow descended the Elm tree with such skill that only a Squirrel could posses. He retrieved his battle Axe and rubbed a pawful of dried grass to clean off the blade, as he snuck back into camp he noticed that Notch was still up.

“Let me guess Slaris again?”

“Aye but I got him this time though! I can’t believe he was tracking us what did you do to him this time?”

“Adders think they’re untouchable just because they’re deadly and feared by many different beasts. He was trying to kill a small mouse so I rescued him and sent the Snake packing for the marshes but he must have wanted to get revenge on me for what I did.”

‘Hmph never liked Snakes especially Adders. Let’s get back to sleep shall we?”

“Aye we need the rest because I recognize this area we’re close to the compound.”

Both Notch and Firlow fell asleep peacefully now that the Adder was dead. In the morning breakfast was cooking on a small fire as Rosethorn and Artheris were cutting up small fruits and Garden Vegetables.

“Mm something smells very good.”

“Aye something does smell good what’s cooking?”

“Oho you want some do you? Well this is just a simple breakfast, some fruit Oatmeal and some savory Vegetable soup, go ahead and eat what you like.”

“Thanks Rosethorn where’d you learn to cook like this?”

“My uncle Haybor, this is the same soup he made when I was still a babe. I miss him but somebody had to rule Rosetalia.”

“Aye it must be hard for you when your family is at Salamandastron and you’re leagues away form them.”

“Aye I am very excited to see my family again after so long. When this is all over I won’t be able to stop being happy when I’m with my family.”

“How old are your little ones?”

“Well Thorn and Slimblade are twins but Thorn look two seasons older than his brother. Rose is the newest one to the family.”

“Awww wow they sound like perfect little angels!”

“Aye but Thorn was injured in an accident. You see Thorn and Slimblade are twins, Thorn was injured very badly nothing our healers could do to help worked; there was only one possible choice to save him! We to him to a Vermin Mystic, she was a healer and she helped anyone who needed it. We took him to her and she healed him. She was the only one who could help him and she told us the treatment would accelerate Thorn’s age by two seasons. That’s why he’s a bit bigger and older than Slimblade. He was injured by a poisoned blade, he found it and accidentally cut himself on it.”

“Oh I’m sorry that he’s like that.”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for Notch it is in the past and you had nothing to do with it.”

“Hey where’s Artheris going?”

“I don’t know exactly but I have an idea that we may be close to Zanna’s hideout. Quickly get your things we have to catch up with him.”

The three friends immediately grabbed everything and packed it away. They gave chase so they wouldn’t lose sight of Artheris. They followed him out of the forest and stopped, had they gone any further they would have fell over the side of the cliff that was positioned beside the forest. Rosethorn and Firlow looked down and were shocked to see that there were not more trees but water! The cliff they stood on was the northern most part of the North Eastern coast.

“What is it Artheris?”

“We’re here! The compound is in this very cliff down there is a tunnel carved into the side of it. It leads to a secret system of catacombs that surround the compound! We’re going to have to climb down and infiltrate the catacombs!”

“Alright way to go Artheris! You did it you found her hideout. So what do we do now Rosethorn?”

“Well Firlow we’re going to need rope, lots of it!”

“Ahaha you came to the right Squirrel! I have a huge coil of it in my pack I carry it around cause it helps me build up strength. Here you go the whole coil of it!”

“Thank Firlow okay now Notch you and Artheris tie this end off to that Oak tree and make sure it is nice and tight!”

“Alright Rosethorn, It’s nice and tight.”

“Okay you stay here; Artheris, Firlow and I will infiltrate the compound and slay Zanna thus completing my mission!”

“Aye Rosethorn but what would happen to me when we slay Zanna?”

“I’m sorry Artheris but you would become a Symmatriarc, an all powerful mage capable of mass destruction. But you like every other beast have a choice, whether to be a good one, a bad one, or a neutral one. You always have a choice, don’t ever let anyone take that from you or tell you otherwise!”

“Okay I won’t I promise this to you! Now are we going to put an end to Zanna or what?”

“Aye let’s get going!”

Rosethorn, Artheris, and Firlow climb down the rope carefully paw over paw they went down bit by bit until they saw an impressively carved entrance into the lair of Zanna the Fang! They swung to the entrance expertly landing on their paws; they started down the tunnel passing many different openings and passageways. Carefully they walked forward and stopped for right in front of them stood a figure wearing a red cape. He turns around to look at the three beasts before him, he cut a dashing and gallant figure with white fur all over his body, and his eyes were red and had flame tattoos. His cape was a beautiful bright scarlet red. He wore a Silver Cuirass with a red sun emblazoned on it he wore silver fingerless gauntlets.

“Hello may I ask for your names?”

“I’m Rosethorn son of Theralious and Rosaline of Rosetalia, this is Artheris and Firlow!”

“The names Redmight Suntrike Paladin of the Desert, but those that know me simply call me Red" “I am here to seek out Zanna the Fang. She along with six others is responsible for the murder of my parents.”

“I am sorry to hear that I am here looking for King Silverwrath, a ruthless killer who slaughters for the fun of it. I am sorry for you Rosethorn I am very sorry that they did that to you. Come I’ll show you the way to the compound I just came from there when I was spying on Zanna and her Vermin cohorts!”

“Aye well isn’t that a shame coming all this way only to get lost in a never ending maze underground.”

The four new found friends spin around to see a pure white Ferret. He wore a brown tunic with a long sword and a bow and arrows with several daggers and a sword in belts wore around his waist and chest.

“I hope you know how to survive down here without any light cause you’re going to be here forever! Oh and by the way I’m known as Clash Riverkiller your new murderer!”

“Fat chance Ferret!”

Rosethorn threw one of his swords only to have it get lodged into the wall by the Ferret. Clash snickered at his failed attempt at slaying him and fell to the ground laughing wildly.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that the best you’ve got? HAHAHAA, I can’t believe Lady Zanna sent me here to kill you off! Especially you White Wolf! HAHAHAHAHA! I’m going to let you live only so I can see you fail ttfn. HAHAHAHAHAAA!”

Rosethorn and the other three look at each other skeptically and hope they were alone. Rosethorn retrieved his sword and they continued onward with Redmight the Paladin leading the way.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Seven ==

Zanna stood there staring at a huge drawn up plan stretched across the table top. She glared at the figure of a small Badger Prince and snarled as she thrust a dagger right into it.

“Why is it that all of my plans and hard work has failed? Every piece of my plans was perfect! How could it just fall apart? What are you grinning at?”

“Oh nothing I just think its funny how one little Badger was too much for you to handle! Ha-ha I could just imagine the look on that fools face when his head was cut off! YIKES!”

Silverwrath ducked just in time as an Axe sped its way towards his head. He looked up at it and gave a small laugh then looked comically at Zanna.

“I wasn’t there to stop that useless idiot from releasing him! That stupid fool, Sludgegob letting him go!”

“Hehe bet you wish you were there to stop it huh? Oh well no use crying over spilt milk I always say but maybe we should shove some down that throat of yours huh? Oh look our assassin’s back!”

“They are still alive they outnumbered me I didn’t stand a chance.”

“Shh, shh there, there calm yourself it wasn’t your fault, grrraaa! You idiot didn’t I tell you to take three others with you? Did you even bother to cover your tracks?”

“I didn’t have too the white wolf was with them!”

“What? Redmight’s here? How did he find me, Oh no this is not good for you Zanna! Ha I bet he got lost then waited for this fool to bungle his way in and out without killing him! Mayhap that’s the reason why he’s still alive eh Zanna?”

“Since when did I approve you to call me by my name? What do you mean it is bad for me? You’re involved in this too you know that?”

“No I’m not involved in this! You’re mad if you think I’m a part of this! I’m just here for the laughs and entertainment! I love it when things take twists and turns. You never know what’s going to happen next!”

“I really hate you right now!”

“Hehe just my luck to follow a War lady who turns out to be a Clown! I hope it won’t be boring! Hm do you have any cake?”

“Shut up before I run you through!”

“Ha-ha you’ll try but you won’t get very far! Seriously is there any cake around here?”

Zanna and Silverwrath locked eyes, Zanna’s eyes were filled with hate as Silverwrath’s were filled with a comical merriment. The looks tore into each other then Zanna looked away quickly.

“You’re a fool you know that?”

“Oh I’m a fool? Had I been there when you captured him I would’ve fought you and the rest off all by myself!”

“Why wait when you can die along with her this very instant!”

King Silverwrath and Zanna turned around to see Rosethorn, Artheris, Firlow, and Redmight standing in the door way. Rosethorn put on his mask and stepped closer his eyes started to emit flames and his swords were in his hands. Redmight kept an eye on King Silverwrath as he crept away from the approaching Badger. Redmight looked to Rosethorn who looked back and nodded, Redmight ran towards Silverwrath who just ran the opposite direction laughing madly Redmight lost sight of him when he entered the catacombs and returned to the battle.

“I’ve been looking for you Zanna. I think it’s about time I finished you and your little schemes. You’re going to die slowly painfully without mercy! I’ll make you wish you never found my country, before I’m done with you, you’ll wish you were dead long before you met me!”

“Ha you think you’re good enough to kill me? You’re sadly mistaken!”

Zanna leapt toward Rosethorn swinging and jabbing with her spear trying to seek out a weakness to her foe. She snarled spat hissed and growled as she kept trying to injure her foe. Rosethorn tried to evade and dodge the seeking spear point but was too slow to avoid all the attacks. He slashed left and right trying to separate the weapon from its vicious master. He took cuts from the blade on his legs and paws his neck was bleeding from a jab meant for his face he finally cut the point of the spear off and tried to get to Zanna. Zanna grabbed a shield hanging on the wall and threw it at Rosethorn it struck him in his middle knocking the wind out of him.

Suddenly Artheris leapt up and rolled towards Zanna, he drew his swords and tried slashing at her she stepped back and slammed a chair against the back of his unprotected head. Artheris was out immediately, on the floor unconscious. Firlow quickly ran forward swinging his Battle Axe wildly, cutting Zanna on her arm and leaving a deep gash on her side. Zanna swung the remnants of her spear down on Firlow’s back. Once, twice, thrice she swung it hard hitting his back with the crushing power of a mad beast she kicked him about the room laughing as she did.

“Hahahaha is that all you got. This was too easy! How weak you all are you just aren’t good enough.”

“Looks like you forgot about me!”

Redmight ran forward swinging his claymore at her she ducked and kicked out at his legs tripping him she leapt up and kicked away Redmight’s claymore. Then she started slamming her foot paws onto his cuirass trying to crush him under the sheer power of her paws. He tried to knock her away from him but was unsuccessful. She readied for a killing blow to his head then something unexpected happened. Rosethorn leapt at Zanna knocking her to the ground he sat on top of her punching her face and body she clawed at his face trying to blind him but she was only able to rip off his mask. Rosethorn’s eyes were bottomless pools of dark black with flames erupting madly from them as if they were torches.

She gasped and screamed as she looked into the face of Rosethorn as if he was the one who would bring her to Hellgates. She slashed at his face but instead caught is arm and started punching madly at him once he was off of her she leapt up and ran into the catacombs not caring which way she went as long as she got away from the enraged Badger. She ran and ran unknowingly passing King Silverwrath who had been watching the battle hidden from sight he laughed to himself madly and fell to the ground shaking with great mirth at how Zanna’s face looked when she passed him.

Zanna ran and ran not stopping once until she saw a light on the end of a tunnel she was in. She ran and almost fell as she was at the entrance. Rosethorn was right behind her she looked frantically for a way out but there was no where to go. She looked down and caught the sight of jagged rocks below her she looked back only to be staring Rosethorn right in his face his smile was so scary it sent a chill up Zanna’s spine.

“No stay away! I don’t want to die!”

“You should have thought of that before you killed my parents! You are the lowest thing in existence! You are more pathetic than any of your members! You will die believe me but I will make you suffer as I have suffered. There is nowhere for you to go, nowhere for you to hide it’s time to finish you for good!”

Rosethorn brought his swords and spear together and moved towards Zanna. She screamed as Rosethorn slashed her armor to pieces bit by bit till her chest was unprotected he slashed repeatedly, making sure not to deal a critical blow. He laughed at her pain and misery and she hated him for it! She felt something perhaps for the first time, she felt sorry for what she did. She pleaded with every thing she had left for him to stop but he did not stop. He kept injuring her over and over again slashing her until she bled profusely! She got up and was barely able to stand she looked at herself and started crying her tears stinging her wounds then she began walking backwards.

“You’re not going anywhere I’m not done with you yet!”

“NO! Stay away from me you monster! Stay away! Ahhhh……”

Zanna stumbled and fell down, down into the ocean below. Rosethorn walked over to the edge and looked down at the jagged rocks below. There was no sign of Zanna as far as he could see. He got up and walked back inside he found everyone was still okay Artheris was screaming in agony as his eyes began changing. Now they were not multiple colors but a glossy reddish brown. He looked at his reflection in a mirror and laughed at the fact it was all over. Redmight was helping Firlow and Artheris healing their wounds. He then tended to Rosethorn and healed every cut and slash he had without leaving a single scar. Rosethorn’s eyes turned back to their usual green color and he smiled. It was all finally over; he could go home and hold his two new babes.

“So this is what it feels like to avenge someone eh Redmight?”

“Aye I guess it is but might I be able to come with you back to where you came from?”

“You want to accompany me to Salamandastron?”

“Aye if that’s okay with you!”

“Aye it is you may come with me. Let’s go Notch should be waiting for us up top.”

Rosethorn, Artheris, Firlow, and Redmight went out of the catacombs and scaled the rope Notch had lowered for them. Rosethorn called for Dartclaw and his hawks to bring the basket and all of them except for Notch and Firlow climbed in. They said their good byes and went their separate ways. The basket took off for Salamandastron with the three friends inside but unknown to them there was an extra passenger, clinging to the underside of the basket.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Three Rosethorn’s Revenge Chapter Eight ==

Rosethorn, Artheris, and Redmight were in a deep blissful sleep they were still in the basket heading for Salamandastron. The hours went by one by one they finally arrived at the mountain on the second day when they left the hide-out of Zanna the Fang. Rosethorn awoke with a sudden jerk and woke Artheris and Redmight up.

“Come on we’re here I can’t wait to see my two new babes.”

“Alright, alright we’re coming wait for us!”

Rosethorn ran up to the big wooden doors to Great Hall and ran all the way to his wife Lady Alleria. She was sitting in her usual spot at the huge table holding the new Badger twins. Rosethorn approached with awe and a deep love for his two new babes.

“Oh my, aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever seen? They’re so small. They’re much smaller than Thorn is now. Where is Thorn?”

“Right here milord I’m trying to feed the little tyke some vegetable soup but he doesn’t want to eat it.”

Commander Darkpaw was sitting on the other side of Alleria with Thorn wrapped up in a little bundle and a spoon in his paw trying to feed him. Rosethorn gently picked up Thorn all wrapped up in his little blanket and took the bowl of vegetable soup, he dipped the spoon in and started whispering to Thorn in a gentle and soothing manner Thorn started eating every bite Rosethorn gave him and laughed every time soup trickled on his chin. Rosethorn took out a cotton kerchief and wiped away the remnants of the soup then he started rocking him to sleep.

“You have to be extra gentle and you also need to use a soothing tone you can’t try to feed him using an irritated tone you need to stay calm.”

“I never thought of that the only time I’ve ever taken care of someone like that was my little nephew after his parents were murdered.”

“Oh dear I’m sorry to hear that Commander Darkpaw.”

“Fret naught Lady Alleria it is all in the past now nothing we can do about it.”

Rosethorn gently took the bundle of twins from Alleria and looked at them with wonder in his eyes. The two small babes were just as Rosethorn thought they would look like. Rose had his eyes and Slimblade has his ears Thorn has his mother’s eyes. Rosethorn sat there entranced by his new babes little forms, he could barely speak a word as he sat there rocking them gently singing a song his mother used to sing him.

“Lay thee down in gentle warmth all through the night, May all your troubles flee in fear of your gentle and caring might, All of those watching close may help you find your light, Never fret about what you can’t see just do what you feel is right, With every passing day that goes by I fear you are lost to sight, My memory of you stays strong even from the greatest height, I’ll never forget what you mean to me so just stay here with us happily, You’ll always be now and forever free so sing out merrily.”

With the last lines two lines of the lullaby sung Thorn, Slimblade, and Rose were in a deep and peaceful sleep. Rosethorn carefully got up and walked to his chambers with his wife. They set the small babes in their cribs and covered them up in a soft cotton blanket and gave each of them a gentle kiss on their weary little heads. He and Alleria both walked back down to Great hall and sat down to dinner talking about his journey and if he completed his mission.

“You did it? You finally rid the world of another evil?”

Aye that I did my love they are all gone I will have to excuse you as I need to retrieve something please excuse me.”

Rosethorn excused himself and got up he walked up to the forge and took all the weapons of the now deceased members and started tapping them searching for the secret compartment where his precious childhood treasure was divided and hidden. He found each compartment and happily fixed his treasure. It was a bracelet with red, green, and a white silver metal. It changed its color into a pattern that went like so, green, white, and red. It was a beautiful thing his father had made him. Every piece was special for underneath was a name of a special family member and close friend. There were only three spaces engraved. Theralious, Rosaline, and Haybor were the names in the first three spaces he checked underneath, next to those were eleven other spaces to be engraved. He took his special tool in paw and started engraving his name the name of his wife Thorn’s name, Slimblade’s and Rose’s name next to those spaces as well. He strapped it on and admired the workmanship.

Outside in the dark a figure scaled the mountain side up to Rosethorn and Alleria’s chambers where the three babes were sleeping. He was about to enter when he heard someone coming to the door, he quickly hid outside the window and waited for the beast to leave. The beast did not leave. He carefully and quickly stole a glance at the beast, it was Alleria n her night gown she climbed into bed and waited for Rosethorn to enter. Some time afterward Rosethorn came in and took off his armor he hung it on a hook in the wall and neatly folded his cape and placed it on a trunk he climbed into bed and the two Badgers fell fast asleep.

The figure waited a while for the Badgers to fall asleep. He carefully and quietly stole into their chamber without even making a sound; he crept over to the babes cribs and carefully lifted them out one by one. Once he had all three he chanced a quick contented giggle and crept back to the window. He was about to climb down when one of the babes woke up and started crying loudly. With fear in his heart he quickly looked back to see Rosethorn bounding for him.

“Hehe it’s time to go bye, bye.”

“Oh no you don’t, give me back my babes!”

Rosethorn reached out and was able to get Slimblade and Rose back from the mysterious figure then he looked at the beasts face. It was King Silverwrath and he still had Thorn.

“I’d love to stay and have an unfriendly chat Rosethorn but I must be off! Hahahahahaaa!”

Silverwrath started sliding down the mountainside carefully avoiding any sharp rocks or crags he quickly ran to the ocean and quickly looked back. Rosethorn was down on the beach sword in paw running for Silverwrath. With panic in his heart he quickly looked about there was a small ship on the beach ready to be taken. He climbed aboard and started sailing it out to open sea, with the high tide helping to move it out he was already a ways away from the beach. He quickly looked back and was relieved there was no sight of the Badger Lord then he looked in the water and gasped. Rosethorn was swimming for the ship his sword clenched in his teeth swimming as best he could, trying desperately to get to his son and his kidnapper.

Silverwrath laughed crazily looking back and grinning evilly. He was happy that he got away and more than this happy feeling was with him.

“Well it turns out this wasn’t a waste after all. Sorry Zanna but I know you’re not dead no you didn’t die you sly old fox. Hehe to think she had a secret space under that piece of jutting rock just for that kind of situation. Oh well by now her crew will have rescued her and cleaned her up. What do you think little guy shall we put some distance between us and this place?”

Thorn looked up at Silverwrath’s face sadness and tears welling up in his eyes he whimpered and cried loudly constantly saying the only word he knew.

“Daddy waaahaaa daddy!”

“Hehe don’t worry now little guy I’m your daddy now. Oh look at you you’re so cute aren’t you the cutest little Badger?”

Dripping wet and exhausted Rosethorn climbed back to shore. He stood up and looked back at the ship’s shape drifting farther away. Anger, rage, and despair welled up inside him his eyes spilled tears that seemed to never end he looked back at the ship and roared as loud as he could.


A faint sound drifted over the waves barely able to be heard. He looked with sadness as he heard the sound when it reached his ears.

“Daddy, daddy, waaahaaa daddy!”

Rosethorn fell to the beach from the exhaustion and blacked out. Redmight, Artheris, Commander Darkpaw and the whole of the Long Patrol came running out to the spot where Rosethorn fell.

“It’s no use we’ll never catch them and it’s too dark to see out there! I’m sorry Rosethorn but there’s nothing we can do.”

“He’ll never get away from me and the Long Patrol no matter where he goes he’ll not be able ta hide when I find him no sir!”

“They hauled Rosethorn back inside the mountain. The next day the sad news was told to Rosethorn and he was very unhappy. That same day they held a memorial for the missing son of Rosethorn and Alleria. Through the whole day Rosethorn was silent, not speaking a single word. He looked lifeless while Thorn was gone, as if he could no longer live while Thorn was lost out there with a cruel and evil kidnapper.

“I promise you Silverwrath I will find you no matter where you go no matter what you do I will find you one day. I will get my son back and I will make you pay!”

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