== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter One ==

It has been two whole days since Rosethorn and his family left the Abbey of Redwall. During these two days they have been working on the ship formerly known as The Creature Killer now to be known as The Rose of Destiny. The ship has been cleaned, repaired, and renamed ready for its maiden voyage.

“Is everyone ready for shoving off?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yeah we’re all ready and ship shape.” replied Haybor.

“Alright here we go!” exclaimed Rosethorn.

They shoved off the riverbank sailing down river toward the mountain fortress Salamandastron. The ship glides smoothly across the river as if there were no passengers aboard. They calmly relaxed gazing at the passing trees and foliage.

“Hey look!” said Haybor.

“What is it?” asked Rosethorn.

“It’s a whole lot of fruit trees across the fork in the river with some angry looking mice.” said Haybor.

“Wait those aren’t mice at least I don’t think they are.” replied Rosethorn.

As the ship neared the fork they slowed down enough to ask what the strange creatures were.

“Excuse me little animals what are you?” asked Haybor politely.

“Well look at that it’s a badger two badgers in fact, what a rare sight.” said the strange small creature.

“Yes we’re badgers but what are you?” asked Haybor.

“Why we’re dwarf pigmy shrews we are indeed.” replied Loferete.

The crew of the ship weighed anchor and stopped on the bank of the river.

“Would it be okay for us to fill a few barrels with some of that fruit?” asked Haybor.

“Sure you can if you can give us a lift on your ship.” said Loferete.

“Okay you got a deal where to?” asked Rosethorn.

“To the Guosim camp of course.” said Loferete.

“Guosim?” asked Rosethorn.

“What is that?”

“Why it’s the Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. That’s what it is alright.” replied Loferete.

“Okay then let’s fill those barrels with fruit then.” said Haybor.

That night the crew had a small feast for everyone on board The Rose of Destiny.

“Hey Haybor what were my real parents like?” asked Rosethorn.

“Well they were very kind to other creatures around them even vermin that were injured and ill they helped with a kind heart and open arms. They were always repaid for their kindness with several feats of gratitude and kindness in return. They were actually king and queen of our home Rosetalia a distant land from here.” replied Haybor.

“What were their names?” asked Rosethorn.

“Your parent’s names were Theralious and Rosaline, King and Queen of our country. They were the only family I had left other than you Rosethorn. Oh my little brother Theralious I miss him so much. I don’t know how I could live without him or how I have been living so long without my little brothers face around.” sobbed an incredibly distressed Haybor.

“It’s okay, uncle Haybor I’m right here don’t worry.” said Rosethorn comfortingly. “Is there anything else I should know about my family?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yes, it is said that a long time ago longer than your parents were around that the previous rulers were rewarded for their kindness towards a dying vermin mystic with a mysterious power. It is said that this power shall be passed down through the royal family every generation. This power gives the user the ability to control the Bloodwrath and give the user immense skill with every kind of weapon. No wonder you were such a natural with the weapons during your brief training. There is another legendary myth you see that strange symbol on the mask is the royal family crest and that mask was forged with other badgers, one of those badgers was none other than the one who founded Salamandastron but he did not stay and he asked another badger to keep the true establisher's identity a secret. It is also thought that the one who promised was the son of the founder who left the mountain and that the founder was a previous ruler of our country. It is also rumored that the same exact badger was the king who along with his wife were the ones who showed kindness towards the mystic. That is all I know.” said Haybor.

“If my dad was your little brother wouldn’t that make you the rightful heir to the throne?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yes but I didn’t want it I never wanted the position of king of our country, I wanted to be a farmer instead.” replied Haybor.

“Oh, okay thanks for telling me now get some rest okay?” said Rosethorn.

“Okay good night.” said Haybor as he drifted into sleep.

Quietly a lone dark figure approached the abbey of Redwall in the darkness of the night. Swiftly he climbed a tall oak tree near the outer wall of the Abbey. Carefully he signaled the bird to fly him over the wall of the Abbey. Swiftly he checked every nook and cranny of the Abbey for any sign of Rosethorn or his family.

“Darn now how am I going to warn him?” wondered the mysterious figure. “I’ll just have to track them then.” said the mysterious figure. Quickly and carefully he slid out of the Abbey’s west gate and had the bird re-bolt the gate shut then left without a trace. “I hope I find him soon.” said the figure. “Maybe I should go back to Salamandastron and wait for them there or I can try and follow them. What do you think?” asked the mysterious figure to the bird.

“I could fly up and track them from the sky while you follow me from behind.” said the bird.

“Excellent idea partner just hurry up I don’t know when you’ll have to report back to that scummy vermin again alright?” said the figure. As soon as he said that, the bird took off and flew towards the direction of Salamandastron and off they went.

“Alright let’s see which way we go towards Salamandastron and the Guosim camp?” asked Rosethorn.

“Why don’t I just check my map for ya that would help wouldn’t it?” asked Loferete.

“Thank you I would greatly appreciate the help.” said Rosethorn.

“Ah okay it’s the left we should be able to get to the camp first just before we get to that mountain of yours sir.”

“Please just call me Rosethorn I don’t have any authority over you or your band of dwarf pigmy shrews.” said Rosethorn playfully.

“That’s okay there’s no harm done; say what is that beautiful smell coming from?” asked Loferete.

“Oh it’s just my uncle Haybor cooking something up. If I know my uncle it has to be something good.” said Rosethorn.

That afternoon the whole ship stopped to get a fire going on the river bank for lunch. They ate in amazement as Rosethorn had five helpings of the delicious vegetable stew that Haybor had made for them and laughed when Rosethorn had an accidental beard made of veggies. The rest of the day was calm and quiet while the ship sailed toward the camps location.

“When should we get to that camp of yours?” asked Rosethorn.

“I think by tomorrow evening Rosethorn.” said Loferete.

“Alright then go get some rest I’ll keep the ship sailing on course for a bit and then I’ll wake my dad for the next watch is that okay with you?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yeah just fine good night Rosethorn you really are a kind and just you are.” said Loferete trying to stay awake long enough to finish talking.

“So you’re back, what is the news?” said Gallette Gortus.

“He is in pursuit of the badger’s family sir he will return as soon as he captures them.” said the messenger bird.

“Good very good indeed I think it would be good if he also brought with him a few more slaves, if he can that is unless the family is too much room for the ship ha I doubt they would be though ha, ha, ha, ha.” chuckled Gallette Gortus madly.

A little later the messenger bird flew off back to his secret partners side where he would tell him of the vile vermin’s request.

“Soon Gallette Gortus oh very soon you shall get what is coming to you very soon.” said the bird as he flew over the ocean.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Two ==

“Ayah Charge, Logalogalogalooog!” said an unknown enemy in the dark as they boarded the ship.

“Hey what the heck is going on?” asked Loferete in the confusion.

“Get that big one over tie him up good and tight.” said the enemy hiding in the dark.

“Get off meeeee!” roared Rosethorn as he threw the beasts piling on top of him into the water.

“Ouch, this beast is evil I tell you evil!” said the supposed leader of the beasts who ambushed the crew of the ship.

“Who are you?” growled Rosethorn as soon as he got a firm hold of the leader.

“I’m just a follower of Log-a- log Barster leader of the Guosim shrews don’t hurt Me.” whimpered the shrew.

“Why did you ambush us?” asked Rosethorn.

“We thought you were that band of evil vermin that passed by a few seasons ago. I’m sorry it was just an honest mistake sir.” said the shrew.

“What is your name and where is the Guosim camp?” asked Rosethorn.

“My name is Startiveno son of Log-a-log Barster and you’re a bit ahead of It.” said the shrew.

“Good then we can rest for a bit, and then you should have your shrews climb aboard and tell them we’re friends.” said Rosethorn.

“Sure Guosim get aboard there are no foe beasts around.” said Startiveno.

That morning the Guosim were reunited with their old friends. Loferete and his band of dwarf pigmy shrews were finally at their destination, the Guosim camp. Soon after their arrival Loferete and Log-a-log Barster were in a fierce argument. Astonished and amazed at how Loferete was calm one moment and fiercely arguing the next.

“Whoa what is this all about?” asked Rosethorn.

“Oh tis nothing to worry about nothing at all.” said one of Loferete’s shrews.

“What are they doing that for?” asked Haybor.

“I couldn’t tell you look out.” said Rosethorn as the two shrews bounced by the heads of Haybor, Rosethorn, and the shrew. The two shrews were clasped to each other tightly not letting go of the other.

“Okay that’s it!” said Rosethorn. As he stood up he drew his twin swords and slowly advanced on the two small shrews fighting each other. As with extreme skill he closed his eyes and stabbed the sword downward towards the two shrews.

“Whoa that was too close and you almost killed me what in the name of the Guosim shrews your eyes were closed when you did that weren’t they?” said Log-a-log Barster.

“Yes they were and why were you fighting with that shrew?”

“I was just play wrestling with my little brother is that so wrong?” said Log-a-log Barster.

“Yes considering you almost hurt someone while you were doing that and I don’t want to hear it anymore is that understood?” bellowed Rosethorn.

“Yes sir!” said Log-a-log Barster and Loferete at the same time.

That night the whole lot of the crew and the Guosim had a small party to celebrate the arrival of Loferete and his crew.

“Hey you, the big badger over there yeah what is your name?” asked Log-a-log Barster.

“My name is Rosethorn I’m with my family heading toward Salamandastron.” answered Rosethorn.

“That is a really dangerous journey you are taking. You sure you can get there in on piece with that ship of yours?” asked Log-a-log Barster.

“Yeah I’m pretty sure I can get there alright, why you ask?” said Rosethorn.

“Just making sure you’re up for it, it will be a long tiring journey.” replied Log-a-log Barster.

“I’ll deal with it I don’t think it will matter any way as long as I get there.” said Rosethorn.

“Alright then why don’t you rest up and relax so when you leave you can be at the top of your game, you look like you haven’t slept in about four days.” said Log-a-log Barster.

“That’s because I haven’t slept in four days sir and thank you for the offer I think I will take It.” said Rosethorn as he settled down ready to rest.

“Ready?” asked the dark figure.

“Yes and be quiet so I can scout around the camp.” said the bird as he flew off. A few moments later the bird came back to his partner telling him that the badger they were looking for was on the outskirts of the camp slumbering in an old empty sack of potatoes.

“Alright and the otters?” asked the dark figure.

“They are a little ways away from him I say we take them to our master.

“No! They are already heading there I say we take the mother and the kid along with the badger to the palace.” said the dark figure.

“I like that plan but are you sure this is what he wants?” asked the bird.

“Yes ever since he died before a successor came to replace him I have been able to see his spirit, he has been guiding me and telling me what he wants me to do, just hurry up and drug them so we can get out of here.” said the dark figure in agitation.

Quietly they sneaked through the camp and drugged the ones they would take with them then they tied them up and dragged them out of the camp towards the woods. Once the dark duo were in a clearing in the woods the dark figure blew a special whistle soon afterward eighteen huge hawks from Gallette Gortus arrived from thin air. The dark figure ordered them to pick up the prisoners and take them back to his ship. Before they took off the dark figure left a scroll on ground where he stood then he climbed on one of the hawks and told them to take off toward his ship lying in wait near Salamandastron. That was the last time anyone saw Perla, Roughtide, or Haybor. For now that is.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Three ==

The next morning Rosethorn awoke with a strange feeling. The whole morning Rosethorn looked for Haybor, Roughtide, and Perla.

“Dad, do you know where Mom, Roughtide, or Haybor are?” asked Rosethorn. “No I don’t I haven’t seen them all morning and I can’t find them anywhere no matter where I look.” said Skipper Wavecrester worriedly.

“Rosethorn, Sir Rosethorn where are you?” called Loferete.

“I’m right here Loferete what’s wrong?” asked Rosethorn.

“I found this in a clearing in the woods it’s addressed to you.”

“Let me see It.” said Rosethorn hurriedly. Quickly Rosethorn unrolled the scroll and read the message out loud so Skipper Wavecrester could hear it.

To the badger known as Rosethorn; I have your family captured in my palace far away from Salamandastron by now. If you want to see them again alive you will not pursue me until you have found a priceless treasure that will serve some use to me. Once you have that treasure you will sail north for three days and west for four more days and will arrive at my palace the evening of the seventh day. If you ever want to see your family alive again you will not try anything funny.

Soon to meet your greatest enemy, Face to face. Gallette Gortus.

“I can’t believe it. Some scummy vermin has them. What do I do Dad?” asked Rosethorn.

“Well you can do exactly what it says but we should have a plan before we leave Salamandastron for his palace.” replied Skipper Wavecrester.

“Alright we leave for Salamandastron this evening we should get a crew assembled and we should stock up on extra supplies for the journey.” exclaimed Rosethorn. “Sir Rosethorn you already have a crew with you right now.” said Loferete.

“Good lets get started then.” replied Rosethorn.

That evening the crew of The Rose of Destiny set a course down the rest of the river finally arriving to open sea two days after they left the camp.

“Okay which direction towards Salamandastron?” asked Rosethorn in the dark of night.

“To your left Rosethorn.” replied Loferete. They sailed for the remainder of the night finally arriving at the mountain fortress Salamandastron the next morning.

“Look at that mountain.” said Rosethorn in amazement.

“This is huge just look at It.” said Skipper Wavecrester.

They brought the ship in close as they could and dropped anchor. They dropped the life boats attached to the ship into the water and paddled towards the mountain. Slowly Rosethorn walked up to the entrance into the mountain. Nervously he knocked on the door and shuddered as a strong gust of air flowed out of the mountain right into Rosethorn’s face, blowing back his lips showing his fangs in a somewhat comical expression. The entrance was opened as a short hare came bobbing out to greet the badger.

“Hello there might I ask who you are and what business you have here?” said the hare.

“I am Rosethorn son of Theralious and Rosaline, King and Queen of the country known as Rosetalia.” stated Rosethorn.

“Quickly come in and bring your friends with you.” said the hare.

Rosethorn walked up with the small hare to the Great Hall. There the hare asked for Rosethorn’s friends to stay behind while they went up to the badger lords chamber.

“So this is where the badger lords of Salamandastron rest after each day.” said Rosethorn.

“This is where you will be staying Sir Rosethorn, feel free to use the forge I have kept it ready for your arrival and might I recommend you put those gifts you were given by the Redwallers to good use you will need them for your journey.” said the small hare.

“What is your name little guy?” asked Rosethorn.

“My name is Burrbob. I take it you already met my father?” said Burrbob.

“Yes I did meet your father his name was Burrpaw wasn’t it?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yes it was he was very old, I just hope he repaid his debt before he died.” said Burrbob sadly.

“Yes he did repay his debt stand back!” said Rosethorn. Rosethorn drew The Sword of the Rose and presented it to Burrbob.

“No I mustn’t take it for I am not the destined owner of it you will need it later on. Would you like me to help you with anything?” asked Burrbob.

Sure enough Burrbob and Rosethorn started to work on something very important. As they worked Rosethorn kept seeing the finished result of their work and looked forward to using it. “Clang, Clang!” The sound of hammer hitting metal over and over again as the two newly found friends worked together to make the two weapons that would soon be useful. The next day it was finished and Rosethorn was proud of his little friends’ hard work.

That same day was when the newly captured prisoners arrived at Gallette Gortus’s palace. The new arrivals fought hard against their captor’s hawks but to no avail.

“Ha is this it? This is the mighty badger?” asked Gallette Gortus.

“Yes sir this is the mighty badger Rosethorn.” said Darkfang. While the kidnapper talked to Gallette Gortus and told him about the capture the messenger bird hopped over to the prisoners.

“Sh! don’t say anything just go along with it we’re friends I promise. Don’t say any thing that will give away our cover and we’ll make sure your safe while you’re here okay?” whispered the bird.

“Okay but who is that?” asked Haybor.

“That’s Gallette Gortus the master of this castle and your nephew’s greatest enemy. My name is Dartclaw; I am an undercover agent working with the hares of Salamandastron to put an end to this vermin’s fearful reign.” whispered Dartclaw.

“Thank you but who is the guy in black?” asked Perla.

“That is my partner he is an undercover hare from Salamandastron be quiet okay I got to go give my report.” said Dartclaw as he hopped toward Gallette Gortus’s throne.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Four ==

The night after Rosethorn and Burrbob finished the two weapons, Rosethorn had a strange dream. In the dream Rosethorn saw another badger; it wasn’t Haybor thought Rosethorn. Then another figure appeared this time it was a familiar face, a kind warm and gentle face.

“Martin your back.” said Rosethorn.

“Yes I am but he is not.” said Martin.

“Who is he?” asked Rosethorn.

“That is the previous badger lord of Salamandastron that is Berser the Fierce.” said Martin.

“That is Berser? I don’t understand the reason you are both here.” said Rosethorn.

“You are still in need of the treasure and Berser can help for he was the one who forged that same treasure, I also have a message for you from your uncle as he is asleep as well as you.” said Martin.

“Please tell me the message.” requested Rosethorn.

“Haybor says you must not attack the one who kidnapped them. It wasn’t Gallette Gortus who did it. The true identity of their captor is a hare from this very mountain, the hare is undercover trying to figure out the enemies plans and planning to foil them if need be. Haybor also says he is impersonating you to keep the others safe from harm.” said martin before he disappeared.

Rosethorn carefully walked up to the Badger Lord slowly. Once by his side he asked what he had to teach him, what he needed to know.

“You must find the hidden chamber of the Badger Lords. Inside you shall find the treasure intended for you not your enemy. Use it wisely and stay true to your instincts don’t let your enemy fool you for if he does you might not survive his wicked ambitions.” said Berser.

“Thank you and I will but where is the chamber?” asked Rosethorn.

“I’ll give you a hint; it is somewhere you have rested before you were lost. Think carefully about it and try to remember your past before that incident happened.” said Berser.

“Farewell Berser and May you find your way through.” said Rosethorn before he woke up.

That’s it, I remember.” said a very happy Rosethorn. “I remember everything now. I can’t believe it! I can remember.” said Rosethorn.

Rosethorn got up and began feeling around for the entrance to the secret chamber of Badger Lords. After a little observation of each wall he found it right in the back of the Badger Lords chamber. Instantly Rosethorn used his ability to enter the berserk state of the Bloodwrath though he was every bit as calm as he usually would be. Easily as if it were wood he shoved aside the stone entrance to the chamber, lit a lantern and proceeded inside. He walked down a long hall lined with the mummified bodies of all the previous Badger Lords even Berser the Fierce was there at the end of the rows of mummified bodies.

“I promise I will keep this place safe as a true ruler should but I need to consider the home I have left behind unwillingly as well.” said Rosethorn.

Rosethorn continued on walking through the ridiculously long hall of Badger Lords until he finally came to the end of the tunnel and discovered a little lantern and some sweet smelling herbs on a shelf nearby. Rosethorn lit the lantern and sprinkled some of the herbs onto it. He sat on the stone carved throne and inhaled deeply. Rosethorn was taken to many places experiencing many things through the eyes of all the previous Badger Lords. He learned of all their feats of greatness and heroism. Finally the last one to show what he encountered throughout his life was Berser. Berser showed Rosethorn everything he had encountered and more. He showed Rosethorn his parents when they came to visit before Rosethorn was born. Berser showed Rosethorn that the first time they met was not in a dream but in reality. Rosethorn was so small when they met each other for the first time. Then Rosethorn saw what it was that he needed and where it was. Rosethorn awoke from the trance and immediately went to a sealed hollow. On the stone sealing the hollow where a mummified body should lay he found that same strange symbol that was on the mask. Rosethorn removed the stone and picked up a huge piece of armor. It was impressive; the way it was made showed true mastery of the art of the blacksmith. Rosethorn took it with him and sealed the chamber once again.

“Dad!” yelled Rosethorn across the Great hall.

“Yes what is it?” asked Skipper Wavecrester.

“We need to put together a crew and an army quickly.” said Rosethorn.

“Okay I’ll see what I can do.” said skipper Wavecrester.

“No you won’t but I certainly will.” said Burrbob.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Rosethorn.

“Well we could always call on the Long Patrol for help sir.” replied Burrbob.

“The Long Patrol?” said Rosethorn.

“Yes the Long Patrol is a group of fighting hares ready to take action whenever they are needed sir. We should get them ready since they are here resting for a bit. If you want I will also help you whenever you want me to sir.” said Burrbob.

“Okay then, call on the Long Patrol and get some armor for the ones to accompany me for a great battle on an island with a floating palace.” said Rosethorn.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready to leave, the army that Rosethorn and Burrbob put together.

“Rosethorn I want you to meet the leader of the Long Patrol Commander Darkpaw.” said Burrbob.

“Nice to meet you Commander I understand you are a fighting hare are you not?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yes I am sir, me and my team are the most elite of the Long Patrol but personally the best of us all is Burrbob here. No-one else can fight like him sir given his size that is.” said Darkpaw.

“Hey you shouldn’t judge others on their size or looks because you never know a friendly face could be hiding your fiercest foe.” replied Burrbob.

“He has a point you know.” said Rosethorn. That night they set sail for the island which would be home to their fiercest battle yet.

“Hey partner the badger has left Salamandastron.” said Dartclaw.

“Good now remember the plan that we put together.” said the dark figure.

“Come on what if the plan doesn’t work Zeilleon, you know what could happen if we mess up.” said Dartclaw.

“Yes I know what could happen if we mess up so I made a backup plan.” said Zeilleon.

“What’s the back up plan?” asked Dartclaw.

“I’ll do what I must to keep them safe just don’t worry about it I will need you to have a clear head.” said Zeilleon.

“Alright then I won’t worry about it then.” replied Dartclaw.

“There is a storm coming and it will be a fierce one as well.” said Zeilleon. It was indeed a storm it raged for many days and settled right when Rosethorn arrived as if the forces of nature were on his side.

“Today we’re going to war. This is the day we lay siege to the floating palace right up there.” said Rosethorn pointing just above a mountain on the island. True enough there was a palace floating just above it as if it were a cloud.

“Sir I think I have seen this before.” said Larra.

“Who are you Ms?” asked Rosethorn.

“I am Larra Portfit Diane Marsefane sir! I am the fastest of the Long Patrol sir!” replied Larra.

“Thank you Ms. Marsefane but do you mind if I call you Larra?” asked Rosethorn.

“Of course not sir in fact I would be honored if you did.” said Larra.

“Okay then there is a tunnel system going through the mountain all the way to the peak. We need to get up to that palace so why don’t we listen to Larra for the details.” said Rosethorn.

“Okay then. I have seen this kind of weird phenomenon before. The mountain must have a huge magnetic force on the top. Same goes for the palace. The palace must be built of stones with this magnetic force inside them that way the palace has a reversed polarity to float like that. It is kind of like a compass and how it shows which way is north so I did an experiment with one. The magnetic force could be lost if we heat them up thus causing the palace to fall and destroy itself on impact this could be a worthy plan for the end of the battle.” said Larra finishing her brief lecture.

“Thank you Larra if this is true we may be able to finish the battle for good we just need to get my family out first so I will climb up to the palace first and sneak in, then I will look around for my family. I will also need someone to come with me. Two of you will be chosen to be my companions for this mission. Out of the knowledge given to me I choose Skipper Wavecrester and Burrbob for this mission. Now let’s get started.” said Rosethorn thus starting the battle. No sooner did he finish than two huge armies came marching onto the sand.

“This may complicate things a little bit.” said Loferete.

“Okay then let’s give them a warm welcome. Charge!” said Rosethorn.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Five ==

Rosethorn’s army clashed with the opposing forces of Gallette Gortus, fiercely out numbered they pushed ever onward toward the mountain not giving up and never looking back.

“All of you get out of here! I’ll take care of these vermin no problem. Go now before you die! Go!” yelled Rosethorn as he struggled to hold the opposing army at bay.

“No sir! I am staying with you sir!” said Darkpaw. “Me too sir!” said Larra. “As well as I!” said Gourder.

“Who are you sir?” asked Rosethorn.

“I am Gourder of the Long Patrol weapons and combat specialist sir! We are all with you the whole Long Patrol is here for you.” replied Gourder.

“Let me ask you this how many do you have in your troupe Darkpaw?” asked Rosethorn.

“This is all there is sir!” answered Darkpaw.

“Okay then. I want you to go with the others no complaints. Go to the palace and find my family. Get them out of there, and then get everyone off the island. That’s an order!” said Rosethorn.

“Sir you’ll be overrun by the army.” said Darkpaw.

“I know! Tell my uncle Haybor that it is up to him to choose whether or not he should lead my country or the mountain.” said Rosethorn.

After Rosethorn finished talking he scooped up each member of the Long Patrol and threw them out of the battle.

“So, this is how it ends. I am alone to face you all. Ha, ha, ha, ha, so be it. If I am the only one to stop you I will. Come with me my friends, come with me to Hellgates and rejoice. For my family and my home RRRRROOOOSSSSEEETHHHOOOOOORRRRRNN!!!” roared Rosethorn immediately after entering the Bloodwrath and running into battle.

Outside of the battle that was taking place the army of Rosethorn retreated to the mountain not daring to turn back. Quickly they ran toward the mountain trying to keep out of sight of any enemies nearby. Luckily there were no enemies around which made it easier for the army to move toward the mountain.

“Are you sure he’s alright?” asked Darkpaw.

“Of course he is alright. I saw him take down an army of vermin right outside of Redwall using The Sword of Martin the Warrior all by himself before he was fully grown.” replied Skipper Wavecrester.

Onward they went towards the mountain trying to keep quiet so the enemy lying in wait would not spot them from the safety of the palace. Once they reached the foot of the mountain they stopped and rested waiting for some sign to let them know Rosethorn was okay.

On the battlefield Rosethorn prepared to fight the army.

“Come on then which is first?” asked Rosethorn in a menacingly calm tone. “Come on don’t tell me your all scared of me are you? What is the point of coming here to fight if you won’t do anything? Fine don’t answer why don’t we play a game then? Shall we? Let’s see you five step up and try to take me down, or I could just kill you all right now if you want?” said Rosethorn.

“Or we could just do this, charge!” said the fox in front.

The vermin charged toward Rosethorn screaming like mad beasts. Swiftly Rosethorn drew his twin swords and struck the first blow. Valiantly he fought against the vermin dodging blows from the right and retaliating instantly like he was lightning. Eighteen vermin circled Rosethorn and prepared for a lethal strike against their foe. Rosethorn whipped his swords right, left, up, down dealing incredibly lethal blows to his enemies. About thirty vermin lined up their sights and fired their bows; Rosethorn merely grabbed one of the two weapons that he and Burrbob forged, the spear he named Oath of Roses and spun it as fast as he could. Amazingly the arrows were deflected from his spear and were sent whizzing through the air and even into the ground. Rosethorn quickly grabbed the grip of the other weapon forged by him and Burrbob, the whip named Punish by Thorn and sent it snaking through the air toward the vermin archers and snapped their bows in half. Rosethorn used The Mask of the Rose and predicted every move that the remaining enemies would make. Astonishingly there was nothing that could take Rosethorn down not even fatigue seemed to slow him down.

“It is over; I must get back to the army before they enter the mountain. Someone in there shouldn’t be there, imprisoned against his will and overthrown by an evil vermin. I must hurry.” said Rosethorn as he quickly cleaned off and stored his weapons in their respective places. Then Rosethorn took off using his enhanced speed to his advantage.

“He should be here by now if he survived that is.” said Dartclaw.

“I know okay? He should be here any moment so don’t worry.” said Zeilleon.

“I am not worried but I think I should fly down and check on things okay?” said Dartclaw.

“Alright then do it but don’t let him see you okay?” asked Zeilleon.

“Why would I let some scummy vermin get in my way? I will be careful like I always am okay?” said Dartclaw taking off toward the foot of the mountain.

“This is going to be good. Once they free the rightful ruler of this castle and make it here in one piece I will make my move to finally get back what was taken. I just hope they aren’t ripped to shreds by him though, it would be quite a shame for them to have come so far to have died before they served their part in this war.” said Zeilleon.

That evening Rosethorn caught up with his army and was welcomed to a surprising sight, it was a huge fierce looking hawk with several others of his kind but a little smaller than he was.

“Hello! I take it you are Rosethorn?” asked Dartclaw.

“Yes I am! May I ask who you are?” said Rosethorn.

“I am Dartclaw partner to Zeilleon of the Long Patrol and leader of my group The Foe Fighters which is dedicated to freeing captured innocents and destroying evil wherever it lurks.” replied Dartclaw.

“I am glad to hear it. Why are you here?” asked Rosethorn.

“I am here to see what was taking so long for you to reach the palace. I take it you already know who is imprisoned in the mountain?” asked Dartclaw.

“Yes and I intend to free him from his unjust imprisonment as soon as possible, he might be a useful ally to have against that beastly vermin.” said Rosethorn.

“I can’t believe that a beast like him is actually that smart and is not bloodthirsty like other wolverines. I thought they were usually found in The Land of Ice and Snow so why would he be here?” asked Dartclaw.

“I can tell you why, he was hoping to make an army that is unmatched anywhere else in the whole world and thought by kidnapping me, being of royal blood with that ability on his side that he would be unbeatable. For now we must rest and prepare for the final out come.”


The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Six ==

The next morning Rosethorn awoke before the others were even awake. Quickly he left a message for them and entered the mountain. Swiftly Rosethorn climbed the inner passage of the tunnel and frantically looked for the hidden passage to the prison of the captive beast.

“There it is how about I pay him a friendly visit.” said Rosethorn.

Many times he tried to knock the weak looking rock away from the blocked passage, and then he realized he wasn’t using his ability.

“I guess I am going to have to rely on it more than I thought.” said Rosethorn.

Rosethorn tensed up and powerfully slammed a single fist into the rock causing it to break under the sheer force of the blow. That same moment the captives ears twitched, he rose up to lock eyes with his savior.

“You just broke that rock didn’t you? This is impossible. How are you able to do that?” asked the captive beast.

He was a huge muscular white tiger slightly smaller than Rosethorn as Rosethorn is a little bigger in size compared to the average fully grown badger.

“I am Rosethorn and I am here to free you Silvereye Bladebreaker.” stated Rosethorn.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart Rosethorn. I have been captive for quite a few seasons and have only been able to survive by living off of this fresh water pool filled with fish. I hope you can wait a little longer while I get my battle gear.” said Silvereye.

The next few moments Silvereye strapped on his armor and sheathed his two claymores. The claymores were exactly identical except for one thing one blade was a pure white while the other was a deep dark black.

“I am sorry I took so long to retrieve my gear, if you are curious as to why I have two identical claymores I can wield them both at the same time. Their names are Su the white one and Mo the black one. Shall we depart?” asked Silvereye.

“Yes we shall. Come with me I may need help with a little mission but first we must block this tunnel let’s do it now.” said Rosethorn.

The two beasts drew their swords and slammed them into the ceiling which caused the tunnel to collapse. They then made their way up the mountain and were rewarded with a stunning sight. The floating palace was right above them.

“Are you ready for this my friend?” asked Silvereye.

“You should already know the answer to that question.”

Rosethorn gave a short screech into the air and Dartclaw along with his hawks arrived to fly them up to the palace.

“Find Zeilleon and tell him to evacuate my family. I want you to fly them down to the army and tell them to get to the ship.” said Rosethorn.

“No problem Rosethorn.” said Dartclaw.

The two warriors walked up to the huge wooden doors to the palace and prepared to enter.

“Move out of the way.” said Rosethorn. Rosethorn immediately entered the Bloodwrath and pushed the twin wooden doors right open.

“So you actually made it here and what is this? Well if it isn’t the old ruler of this magnificent palace. Wait weren’t you locked in my prison and you in the mountain still?”

“You honestly think you could capture me? You were being played like a deck of cards this whole time. You will fall for what you have done.” said Rosethorn.

“I also want a piece of you Wolverine.” said Silvereye.

“Oh? Well then why don’t we get this over with? Hope you survive this battle stripedog I still have unfinished business with you.”

“You won’t survive this battle to do anything monster.”

“Oh but I will I always win always.”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo!” roared Rosethorn as he drew his swords and ran toward his enemy.

“You are a fool stripedog!” yelled Gallette Gortus as he drew two enormous buster swords from beside the throne and countered his enemies move. Silvereye drew his claymores and ran at Gallette Gortus swinging wildly. Gallette Gortus countered every move the two warriors made and kicked out at Silvereye sending him flying through the air. Rosethorn immediately used his whip and brought Silvereye back into the fight. The two warriors fought wildly but were no match for Gallette Gortus and his skill.

“Is that all you got stripedog?” asked Gallette Gortus menacingly.

“I don’t need my ability to beat you!” roared Rosethorn.

“Wait my friend you mean you weren’t using it this whole time?” asked Silvereye.

“No I wasn’t using it and I guess I am wrong. I do need my ability and I always will after all I am of royal blood.” answered Rosethorn. Instantly Rosethorn let it take control for the first time ever. “Stay back Silvereye I don’t know what will happen if I let it take control. Get back!” yelled Rosethorn.

It was a fearsomely intense sight as Rosethorn let his ability take on its most powerful and most complete form, his eyes turned not to a vivid rose-like red but into a gruesomely grotesque solid black. Rosethorn did what he wanted to do; he grabbed his swords along with his spear and put the two together as they were designed to be in the darkest hour. He equipped the mask and roared a fearsome promise.

“I promise by the blood of the royal family that I will defeat you. I know you will not be able to stand against my most powerful weapon known as The Vanguard Sword of The Rose! Prepare to die scum!”

Rosethorn immediately ran toward Gallette Gortus and struck against his enemies swords in three wide arcs. His newly increased might once combined with the newly created weapon cut the two buster swords in pieces as if they were wood.

“You always struck fear into the hearts of other beasts but now you finally know the meaning of fear and you finally experience this morbid emotion for the very first and last time!” roared Rosethorn as he struck the blow to end the war.

Once it had been done the war was over and Rosethorn could finally relax knowing that his enemy was dead.

“It is over my friend it was an honor to fight side by side with such a brave warrior. You have showed me something I have been searching for many years; you showed me the true meaning of bravery and nobility. I thank you for your help and kindness towards me I want you to have this as a token of friendship.” said Silvereye.

Silvereye handed Rosethorn a treasure, it was a crown made of silver and was embedded with rubies and emeralds.

“What should I do with this Silvereye?” asked Rosethorn.

“I think you already know what you should do with it. Don’t you have a home or kingdom your majesty?”

“Yes I do but I have a few ideas with what I should do first I thank you but I must be going now. There is an army and my family waiting for me at my ship.”

“Then let me help you with that sir eh wot.” A hooded figure stepped out of the dark and removed his hood. “I am Zeilleon of the Long Patrol I can give you a ride to your ship if you don’t mind that is.”

“I don’t mind so how will we be getting there?”

“By hawk of course sir.” said Zeilleon.

As Rosethorn said his final goodbye he climbed onto a woven basket carried by Dartclaw and his hawks with Zeilleon right beside the legendary badger warrior.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Seven ==

The crew was silent when Rosethorn arrived with Zeilleon. Carefully the crew approached Rosethorn just to be safe if he was infected with a negative Bloodwrath involved state. The crew waited for orders as Rosethorn quietly walked to his cabin door and told the crew to make way toward Salamandastron and went inside to take a much needed rest. That night Rosethorn dreamt he was with his parents, they were smiling at him happy that he avenged their deaths.

“You really are a legend of legends my son.”

“I am happy you prevailed over that evil wolverine sweetheart, I am proud of you and happy that you are safe.”

The rest of that night Rosethorn had pleasant dreams about his family living in peace and harmony. Roughtide was worried just as he was scared that something happened to his big brother and he struggled to get into his cabin.

“Let me go! I want to see him I want to see if he’s okay just let me go!” pleaded Roughtide as he struggled to break free from his parents grip.

“Hold on you little scamp we just got rescued and he was fighting that huge wolverine he might as well be tired from his battle.”

“Let me go I understand that entirely mom but I just want to see him.”

“Now just you wait here me little trouble maker I don’t want you botherin im right now so just settle down and behave ya scallywag.”

The rest of the night was tiresome until Roughtide finally calmed down and went to sleep. Rosethorn awoke the next morning fully rested and ready to get back to Salamandastron. Rosethorn woke everyone up by ringing the bell as loud as he could.

“Hey what’s with the racket out here? Ow! Nighty night my friends.” said Burrbob as he woke up and hit his head hard on an overhanging piece of metal and went out like a candle.

“Everyone we need to get back to Salamandastron quickly I have a little errand to run that is very important.” shouted Rosethorn to the whole crew.

“Aye, aye sir!” yelled the crew all at once. The crew got to work sailing the ship back to the mountain as fast as they could.

“We’ll never make it there in time.” said Rosethorn worriedly.

“How about I ask my friends if they can help sir?” asked Zeilleon.

“You mean?”

“Yep exactly what I mean.” said Zeilleon.

“Alright then crew get some ropes tied to the front of the ship then tie the other ends into knots as big as you could get them.” yelled Rosethorn over the noise of the hustle and bustle.

Zeilleon made the same screeching noise a few more times and in no time there were thirty hawks each waiting to take the knotted end of a rope. After each one had a rope in their talons they immediately began flying in the direction of Salamandastron with their powerful wings. That evening Rosethorn and his crew arrived at Salamandastron.

“Do you think you could give me a lift to Redwall Abby?” asked Rosethorn to Dartclaw.

“Sure can in fact I could get you there in no time at all, even before it gets too dark.”

“Then let’s leave right now!” Rosethorn hopped on the woven basket and off they went. True to his word they got there way before the sun started to go under the horizon.

“Abbot Corrlum where is Alleria?” asked Rosethorn in a hurried tone.

“She is in the Orchards right now why?”

“You’ll see very soon.” Rosethorn ran towards the Orchards and quickly found Sister Alleria. “Sister Alleria?” asked Rosethorn.

“Yes Rosethorn what do you need?”

“I just wanted to ask you something, something important that I understand might be a little hard to say, so I will say it. You and I are the same; we are both badgers who have feelings for each other and we both worry about each other so, what I’m trying to say is will you marry me?” asked Rosethorn with a hopeful look on his face. While he said this his eyes told Sister Alleria that he has a very great deal of affection for her.

“I, I don’t know what to say but, yes! Yes I will marry you Rosethorn and I will be with you for my whole life and even longer if that is what you want.” said Sister Alleria.

That instant Rosethorn and Sister Alleria were locked in a loving embrace together. A little after that moment Abbot Corrlum came hobbling towards them curious about why Rosethorn was in such a hurry.

“What’s going on? What did I miss? Are you hurt?” said the Abbot worriedly.

“No I am not hurt. I just asked Sister Alleria to marry Me.” said Rosethorn sheepishly.

“I told him yes.”

“Oh! Well then we should prepare for this remarkable occasion. We need to make preparations for the wedding. When do you think it should be held?”

“How about in ten days?” asked Rosethorn.

“I think it is a great idea we should get started tomorrow.” said Sister Alleria.

That night Rosethorn was visited by Martin the Warrior’s spirit.

“You have prevailed but your destiny is not over. You are very happy now I can tell. You are soon to pay respects to a very important Badger Lord and you will aid him by bestowing upon him your thanks in a way you never thought was possible.”

“What do you mean Martin? I don’t understand.”

“You asked a resident to marry you am I correct?”

“Yes I did but I still don’t understand.”

“The one you are to marry is a descendant of The Lord of Bloodwrath, the Badger Lord Bluestripe the Wild. He was your exact opposite. How you were getting more skilled at controlling the Bloodwrath with time he got even worse until he tried to cure it.”

“Was he successful?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you that, only time will hold the answer. I must be going now my friend; I wish you good luck with your wedding.”

With that Martin disappeared into the void of Rosethorn’s mind. The next day Rosethorn and Sister Alleria started planning the wedding they made a list of everything they would need for the wedding. There were the decorations, the clothes, the food, the bouquet, the guest list, the invitations, even the wedding cake was planned with immense detail and clarity that there would possibly never be another wedding like it in the entire history of Redwall. Rosethorn helped to plan the types of foods that would be there. “What do you think would be most appealing to Sister Alleria and the guests?”

“Well I would think of some fine perfectly aged Mixed Berry Wine for the older guests and a few barrels of Strawberry Fizz.” said Quirball the Abbeys Cellarbeast.

“What kinds of berries are in the wine?”

“Well we put blackberries, strawberries, wild cherries, gooseberries, blueberries, and raspberries all in this beautiful wine.”

“Sounds delightful my good friend I’m sure they will love it! Also do you happen to know what Sister Alleria likes the most?”

“Well I happen to know that she is a big fan of warm mint and chamomile tea would you like some of that out in the arrangement as well?”

“Yes please I am sure she would love it.”

Sister Alleria was arranging the clothes that the guests should wear.

“Let’s see how about the best dress robes for the guests and Perla, Wavecrester, Roughtide, and Haybor could wear the special garments we made for them.”

“Aren’t you forgetting about me?” asked Rosethorn.

“No I’m not forgetting you, I was just about to say that you could wear that dreamy set of clothes that were made for you and I was thinking that Roughtide could be the ring bearer as well.”

“I love it! You are so beautiful right now more than ever for some reason. I must say I really like this arrangement that you came up with.”

“Thank you Rosethorn that means a lot to me.”

“I was hoping it would make you happy.”

“Okay then what is left to make plans for?”

“Let’s see the decorations are already planned, the food is all set to be made in the next few days, the invitations were sent to Salamandastron like you wanted, the bouquet is ready to be made in a little while, the clothes which you already planned for, the guest list, and the wedding cake is already designed and ready to be made.”

“Thank you Rosethorn you’ve made me the happiest badger in all of Mossflower.”

That afternoon Rosethorn’s family arrived for the wedding preparations. Rosethorn asked Haybor to walk with him for a little bit.

“I need to ask you something Haybor. Would you mind taking my place as ruler of Rosetalia?”

“I don’t think I could do that to you, after all you are the next heir to the throne.”

“I know that but I am not the kind of ruler that our people need right now. I know my destiny now and it is clearer than anything in my mind right now, I need you to do this for me and for my dad. Please take my place on the throne I know you will do alright.”

“O-okay I will take your place on the throne under one condition.”

“Yes go on.”

“I want you and your family to visit every four seasons.”

“Okay then you have my word as a Prince and a Badger Lord.”

“Thank you Rosethorn you have lifted my heart from the blackness it has been lying in since I learned of what happened to Theralious.”

“I am sure he is beaming with happiness right now.”

“Thank you again Rosethorn, you really are a noble warrior you are also kind and just.”

The next few days were spent preparing for the wedding of Rosethorn and Sister Alleria. There was much merriment in the air as well as a beautiful summer sun.

== The Badger and the Rose: Book Two A Legend of Legends Chapter Eight ==

The next day was the greatest day of Rosethorn and Sister Alleria's lives. The morning was different from any other as the sun had not come out behind a thick blanket of white fluffy clouds. Rosethorn was led into a personal dormitory specifically for him when he visited. Rosethorn got dressed into his specially made clothes and went over his vows. Sister Alleria was putting on her beautiful wedding dress that Perla and some other inhabitants of Redwall made for this momentous occasion. It had beautiful green velvet with the veil made out of a red silken doily. She held a bouquet made out of roses and wildflowers.

“You sure do look lovely my dear.” said Perla.

“Thank you for that complement I hope this is the best day of my life so far.”

“You don’t need to worry after all you are getting married today and I hope this is the best day for the joining of you two.”

Everything was being put into place as the wedding was taking place in the Great Hall. Everyone was all dressed and ready to go. Roughtide knew what he was supposed to do and was giddy with happiness. Then the music started as Rosethorn and everyone else watched in amazement as Alleria came through the doors slowly walking through the crowd of guests. The Long Patrol was so happy that they couldn’t hold in their own tears of joy. As Alleria walked to the steps up to the altar Rosethorn reached out to her with his right hand and helped her up the stairs. Rosethorn and Alleria stood side by side waiting for the ceremony to start. Abbot Corrlum started reciting the traditional wedding ceremony.

“Do you Rosethorn promise to love Sister Alleria forever in sickness and in health as well as life and death?”

“I do!”

“And do you Sister Alleria promise to love Rosethorn in sickness and in health as well as life and death?”

“I do!”

“I now proclaim you husband and wife till the end of time please present to each other the rings.”

Roughtide slowly walked up and presented the rings, Rosethorn slipped Alleria’s ring onto her finger and Alleria did the same but then there was an extra ring much bigger than either one. Rosethorn took the crown and gently placed it onto Alleria’s head and proceeded on with the ceremony.

“You may kiss the bride!”

Rosethorn and Alleria were in each others arms with love in their eyes as well as their hearts. Rosethorn walked with Alleria down the isle out into the Orchards and in the area they would have the reception. Everyone came and greeted them one by one. Even two surprise guests were there greeting each other Silvereye and although not able to be seen by anyone else Bluestripe the Wild was there right beside Alleria.

“Thank you Rosethorn you have given me something I could never forget, you gave me a great granddaughter who is happy to be with you. I pass down this knowledge to you as the new Badger Lord of Salamandastron. You will be a very happy badger with three of your own by your side.” With that Bluestripe disappeared as if he was never there.

“Hello my friend I see you knew exactly what to do with that crown I gave you. I knew you would know what to do with it a long time ago longer than you planned to join your new family.” said Silvereye.

“Well if it isn’t my old friend Silvereye, just kidding your not an old friend because I just met you about thirteen days ago. What are you doing here?”

“I was sent an invitation by you mother Perla. She was so thankful that she as well as Roughtide and Haybor sent me an invitation. I trust you met your new great grandsire?”

“Yes although it would have been nice if we could have met in the same life.”

“Yes I know it can be hard but you are leaving for Salamandastron tonight aren’t you?”

“Yes we are we will stay there for a little while then we will be traveling to Rosetalia a little after that.”

“Alright then I will leave you to attend your banquet then I will stay as long as you are for we can travel to Salamandastron then I can travel back to my palace so I can finish restoring everything back to normal.”

“Okay I hope you enjoy the food there are some pretty decent cooks here.”

“Well if the food is that decent then maybe I should hire a few cooks to bring back with me.”

The whole day was very mild mannered as the Dibbuns were respecting this day as a very important day by keeping out of trouble and maintaining the cleanliness of their clothes. Rosethorn and Alleria enjoyed everything at the banquet but not as much as the Long Patrol did. They shoved unimaginable amounts of food into their mouths that those who watched thought they were much worse than Rosethorn when they had a feast in his honor. The food had gone and everyone was tired. Rosethorn had Zeilleon call the hawks and he and his newly wedded wife climbed into the basket together and flew towards the direction of Salamandastron. The next day Rosethorn’s family arrived to Salamandastron. After they settled in Silvereye left for his palace with a heavy heart and a final farewell. Not long after Skipper Wavecrester and Perla along with their son Roughtide went to find their old Holt and see if their relatives were still alive and safe. A season has passed and Rosethorn is filled with happiness and excitement for his wife Alleria is pregnant.

“We will soon have a little one of our own here my love.” said Alleria.

“I know I am brimming with excitement. What should we name him or her?”

“I don’t know yet maybe we should let it choose a name for itself.”

“Why don’t we wait and see what happens for the time being.”

“Alright then Rosethorn I will be leaving shortly my dear nephew and now should I say niece.”

“Thanks and where are you going Haybor?” asked Alleria.

“I am going back to Rosetalia so I can reestablish the rule of the royal family. Won’t you come with me Rosethorn so you can see your old home?”

“I don’t think it is a good idea right now since Alleria and I are expecting a new addition into our family but what do you think my dear?”

“I think it would be a lovely idea for you to see your old home but I think it would also be a good idea if you stayed. Why don’t you let your heart choose dear?”

“Alright then I will come with you. How long will it take to get there?”

“Well on a ship it would take thirty days or so but if we use the hawks and just fly it might be a lot less, about ten or twelve days at best Rosethorn.”

“Then we shall use the hawks for now and I hope you will be safe my dear I don’t want any thing to happen to you. Are you sure you will be okay?”

“I will be fine after all we do have Larra to look out for us whenever we need her to.”

“Alright I will leave in a moment but don’t forget to ask for help if you need it.”

“I won’t forget I promise.”

That day Rosethorn and Haybor left for their old home Rosetalia for the first time since Rosethorn shall be able to see his old home once again perhaps for the last time in his lifetime.

“I can’t wait for this to get any better I am not only a prince but a Badger Lord as well ha, what do you think uncle?”

“I think it is an absolutely grand idea.”

“Maybe this can get better.”

“For the first time ever, This just gets better than I have ever known, This feeling inside is bursting open wide, The hope I feel forever that won’t give up no never, The first time since a while, Just makes me want to smile, Now and forever, Yes now not never, Just now is the time for hope!”

“Are you done singing yet Rosethorn? You were a little off key there.”

“Oh come on don’t tell me you don’t like music do you?”

“Now, now don’t get me wrong I do like music it’s just that I’m a little worried since I don’t think I have the ability in me any more.”

“That’s nonsense of course you have the ability in you, you’re of royal blood aren’t you?”

“Yes I am what are you insane or something?”

“There! You still have the ability in you; your eyes are red right now. You can handle it can’t you?”

“I guess I can I did have Ironsight teach me in your place though.”

“Well that’s what I call wishful thinking.”

“It’s a gift as well as a curse.”

The days passed and Rosethorn awoke one morning to a sight he never thought he would see. Rosetalia was a beautiful paradise covered in lush vegetation. There were flowers all over the place as well as fruit trees and berry bushes. Once they landed Haybor ran inside the castle and asked an old friend of his if they did the kindest thing for Theralious and Rosaline. Rosethorn found their graves side by side with a beautifully crafted wreath made entirely out of the many kinds of roses that bloomed all over Rosetalia.

“I am sorry mom and dad I wish I could have protected you. No!”

Rosethorn sat there on the soil where his parents lay buried, slumbering for all eternity weeping for his parents.

“Rosethorn if it is too painful for you, you may leave back to your new home and you may be back with your wife.”

“Thank you I will leave now so I can get back home, farewell Haybor I will see you in a few seasons.”

Rosethorn left Rosetalia with an anger and sadness that would forever burden him while he still lived. Rosethorn arrived back at Salamandastron in less than the time it took them to get there. He entered the mountain and went back to his chamber. Once inside he opened the entrance to the secret chamber of the Badger Lords walked inside sealed the entrance and sat there alone in the dark weeping quietly.

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