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  • Lordsunflash

    The Tale of Tabun

    March 23, 2011 by Lordsunflash

    The sun was shining warmly upon the small fortification of Kelbura. While its militaristic uses could not be denied it was in actuality a rather peaceful little village, far from the cold winters of the north, the cruel storms of the sea, or the blistering summers of the south. Not many knew of it and as such it was not visited much, by friend or foe. But its residents did not care, because they were self-sufficient and did not need the help of outsiders. Some would say they were naïve; they of course would be mistaken, for it was not called a fort without reason. Nay every creature within its wooden walls had been prepared in the ways of war so expertly that they were worthy of comparison to the great mountain of Salamandastron.

    On this da…

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  • Lordsunflash

    In the warm afternoon sun near the bank of the River Moss an odd group lay about. A rat, a weasel, and strangely enough, a white hare. While this would seem like a sight to behold for most beasts, to them it seemed completely normal. The two vermin stood throwing knives and shooting arrows at a nearby oak as the hare was paying close attention to an incomplete map.

    “Hah, right in the middle o’ the leaf! Told ye I was a better shot.” Said the rat

    “What? That merely glanced past it, Yew jus’ keep to your arrows Durb.” Remarked the weasel as he began to aim for his own attempt at hitting the tree. “Now watch me, I’ll snip the leaf right off the branch.”

    As he pulled back for the throw he overbalanced and fell upon the hare, almost ripping the ma…

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  • Lordsunflash

    I came up with the entire plot at about 3:00 am and I have a very good feeling about it. It is another variant of the Christmas Carol, this time set in Kotir, with Gingivere as scrooge.

    Gingivere srode through the deep trenches the partols had made through the snow as he came to inspect the houses of the creatures under his father's rule. Taking from them an amount of food that King Verdauga required of them. Some tried to hide the food, though more and ore frequently they would run awaybefore they would arrive.He approached the home of a family of hedghogs, the spickles.

    "Open up, Kotir patrol."

    Indoors he could hear a rumbling and whispering. Then the door opened up with the father of the family Ben Stickle, shiveriung as the cold came in w…

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  • Lordsunflash

    Where It All Began

    September 30, 2010 by Lordsunflash

    This is a prequel to Corbus Quick-blade (if you read it then you pretty much already know the story but this is it in greater detail + To be re-written

    Corbus was laying in the sand, the sun in his face and the remains of a fish at his side. He may have looked like a lazy slob at the moment, but he didn’t care, he was enjoying the day as anybeast would given the opportunity. His comfort and bliss were interrupted as somebeast kicked sand on him, awakening him from his slumber.

    “Get up Corbus you lazy slob”

    Corbus recognized the voice and answered it without opening his eyes “Oh shut it Zann; I can relax a little if I want to, and it won’t do any harm.”

    “You’re getting’ fat an’ lazy sitting around”

    Sensing an opportunity to prove his brother wr…

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  • Lordsunflash

    Question of Redwall

    September 8, 2010 by Lordsunflash

    i know there is a Similar essay to this but these are my own questions and i want to ask them( that and i thought it would take up too much space for each to have an individual essay for each so i just made one big one)

    More will be added as i think them up.

    In the books I've noticed that on the maps the location of Brockhall has changed much, in the sable quean it was south of Redwall, in Triss it was east, in Mossflower( judging on its location from kotir) it was north. i know that they are different artists but they could at least get the location consistent(though i did like that in Triss it said "here there be serpents" that was a good pun and actually accurate) and also how did it get lost in the first place and then again after Triss,…

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