• LostGod2000

    Legend Of Tyvan

    December 22, 2012 by LostGod2000

    External Link: First of all, before you read, I would like to make some thanks. Thank you Salem, who supported me all the way, thanks Segalia for being my first reviewer, and thanks Holly, for the extra support and making it the featured fan fic.

    The band scurried through the trees, into the darkness. They were headed to one direction: Redwall Abbey. Nimrak the Deathly was coming. The helmet he wore was made from the bones of a hawk. Nimrak the Deathly was coming. His long tail stung the darkness, lashing back and forth. Nimrak the Deathly was coming. He was a bilge rat, the nastiest rats ever. He was an unusually large one. He had a huge army, ranging from ferrets to weasels, lizards …

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