Ten years after Freeler Strongfeather's death. Luke Strongfeather had made his home in Redwall. He gathered berries for the people with his sturdy shortsword always in hand. It was forged by a badger lord whose name was unkown. It was the strongest sword save the sword of Martin. Luke was roaming through the forest when he heard voices. "Hey, I hear someone! Been long nuff since I had meself a good kill." "I hear it too matey. A little late t'be roamin t'forest land at nigh'!" Suddenly two rats swarmed at Luke. He drew his sword and, parrying two thrusts to his right, screamed, "Luke Stormfeatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!" He went into a rage. He parried and thrusted. A rat fell on him, his sword barely missing Luke. Luke stabbed upward, rewarded by a yelp. The other rat attacked but before he had a chance to stab, Luke threw his pal's carcass at his head. The rat cut the body in two and kept rushing. Luke ran full speed and met the rat's blade. The blade of the rat snapped in half as Luke grabbed him by his neck, holding the broken blade, inches away from the rat's eye. "What's your name?" Luke asked intensely. "Redclipper sir." Redclipper answered. " Get away from here, if I ever see you here again it will be your life. Oh, bye the way, who do you work for?" "Greenskin." Redclipper wrenched away and disappeared through the thickets.

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