Luke returned to Redwall and told his best friend, Austin Otterfriend, about his strange encounter. Austin, a wise otter, said to Luke, " He disappeared through the thicket and I love to track. We should go try to find him." Luke agreed and got his shortsword from his dormitory while Austin got his two hand. He went into Cavern Hole to announce the news. Austin and Luke started their quest next morning. Luke led Austin to the place where the rat ran off. They were finally on their journey and they heard a small voice squeaking,"Gerraway naughty lizardmeany. I only likkle mouseybabey who want lunchylunch. Me wanna go 'ome to Redwall." "Oh shut up Reeleybloom.! You're drivin me crazy. I will unleash my pet adder on you." Luke and Austin jumped out from behind the bushes. The enemy was a big weasel. Skilled in the language of mouse, he had lured the mousebabe into the forest and trapped him. Luke and Austin jumped behind a bush. Austin loaded his sling and jumped up. "Go an' boil someone else up for lunch, you dumb weasel. The weasel grabbed his cutlass and grinned menacingly, showing a mouth of rotting teeth. "This is no business of yours otter. Get outta here 'afore I chop you into twenty pieces and then cook 'em up!" The weasel charged Luke. Austin shot a rock from his sling and it hit the weasel in the jaw. The weasel yelped but kept on. Luke jumped out and blade clashed upon blade. Austin loaded a rock into his sling but could not get a clear shot. Then the weasel yelled," Come on out mateys, cap'n's orders." Just then rats, weasels, and stoats all surrounded Luke and Austin.

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