"Well, well! A mouse and a fish." The weasel snarled. "I'm an otter, you moron. What's yer name anyway?" Austin asked solemnly. "I am known as Jack Jaw. I terrorize and plunder defenseless villages ye disrespectful scum!" A sharp kick aimed at Austin missed as Austin jumped sideways."I'll kill ye fer that 'un. Att-" He was cut off by a sharp, "Logalogalogalogalogalogaloga!!!" Shrews jumped in everywhere fighting hard. A shrew went down as a rat stabbed him in the back. The rat that stabbed the shrew yelped as Austin's sling hit him in the head. Luke attacked a small pack of rats out of the way and took down three before he was being met by waves of reinforcements. He yelled "Luke Strongfeatherrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!" as some shrews aided him in battle. Rats were being cut down but stoats and weasels were just taking their place! Luke yelled to Austin, "this is a hopeless cause!" Austin yelled, "Never give up!" Luke ran over to Austin and met a wave of twenty rats. Austin had his sling and had 'borrowed' a rapier from a dead guosim member. He was hacking at enemies close to him but was also sniping enemies with his sling. After long hours of hard fighting the battle was finally over. Surprisingly, Reeleybloom was still alive! His ropes were cut by Austin and he ran to Luke yelling "Thank you warramouse I fought I was lunchymeat for while. He gave Luke a hug and ran back to Redwall, planning his story about how he slew one hundred rats, single-handedly. Apparently, Jack Jaw had run away, Log a Log ran over and embraced Luke. "I thought we were dead!" Luke said to his old friend. "How did you know we were here!" Log a Log chuckled. " It isn't that hard when you here a vermin yell, 'Cap'n's orders!'" Well thank you, you lost many guosim back there! how many left?" Log a Log sighed, "only about two score! I want to accompany you to wherever you are going." Luke smiled " I am searching for Greenskin, the one who killed my father, Freeler." "Well my friend, I am with ye ev'ry step o' the way!"

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