Reeleybloom ran home to Redwall. "Mommy lemme inna gate." Reeleybloom scampered into the abbey. "I fought many naughtybeast 'oday! Killemall wiv a big stic'! Jackyjawmeanyweasel had norra chance agin Reeleybloom, mousebabe o' Redwall! They all got dead!" The mousebabe's mother Dubber told him to calm down and never go into the woods alone again. "Burr 'aye moister Reeleybloom, 'owd ye beat 'em boi urr?" Molebabe Dennis asked. "There I was, surrounded by allabeasts but I had a stick and I tollem I'd sennem to bed wivout any supper iv dey didn't lemme go! Dat did it fur dem! Dey lemme go quickyquick." "Oh boy zurr. I wan' be a warrur too boi owdy!" Dennis said as his ugly moleface crinkled into a wide grin. "I need vittles, Dennis!" Reeleybloom said, " Then I teachy you ow to be a warriormouse!" "Oh boi zurr, Oi'll get roight on it!" Dennis scampered away, singing a mole song. Reeleybloom started to sing in a slightly off tuned manner: "Oh, I'll kill alla beasts on ground or through trees, to get a noice pot a supper I'll take a big stick and killem real quick afore they can even yell mother! I come ome a ero no doubt about it and try to teach skills to my bruvver. But den I member sumfing important. My mom never gamee a bruvver!" Dubber grabbed him and dragged him to Cavern Hole. Angry that he would sing such an inappropriate song!

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