Luke and Austin kept on through the forest with Log-a-Log. Austin yelled "Look! Tracks." Sure enough there were tracks. The tracks looked like a rat's footpaw. Austin suggested that instead of resting for the night, the team should keep pushing on. Luke agreed. Log-a-log pulled out three packs of vittles. " stopped by the abbey and Reeleybloom said ye forgot yer vittles!" "Yes Log-a-Log, with all the preparing we did ferget em!" Austin grabbed his pack, as did Luke. Log-a-Log kept one for himself. "The guosim don't need any vittles fer now." Log-a-Log explained quickly."They are good foragers. Their cookin', especially improvised is great!" "I must agree!" Luke exclaimed. "So Austin, where do the tracks lead too?" "They lead.... Into the Death Swamp!"

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