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October 25, 2009
  • Lyth Streambattle

    Throughout my readings i have noticed that most of the deaths of villans are all but justified. Take Badrang the Tyrant for example. The killing of Rose was not justified by the killing of Badrang. In my opinion, he should have suffered more before death came to him. Or Fenno, even though he was a Guosim, his death did not justify that of Log-a-Log. By killing him, they were doing him a service. Killing to kill is a service. Killing for the sake of justice is not wrong. It is far from right, but it is not wrong. The majority of the Abbeydwellers are far too softhearted. Another issue i have is the various hordes of villans. Take Cluny's horde. They were only doing what they were told. Should it come to the point of what is moral or not, wo…

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  • Lyth Streambattle

                              Lyth’s Secret               

    Caution: Very long                                                         

    It was all peaceful there. Gaelmount isle was hardly ever visited by sea vermin due to the extensive ring of fog around the island. As one of the Gaelmount otters, Lyth, went to the docks he sensed something strange. He thought it was just the cold wind that sent shivers down his spine. He was wrong. As all the inhabitants of the isle went about their business, a corsair ship loomed in the fog. It was a more pleasant day, however, at the fabled Abbey of Redwall. As Urtho cellermole was trundling off to the kitchens with a keg of Elderberry wine, he was stopped by the Abbot of Redwall, Ampodemus. “Hello Urtho, my …

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  • Lyth Streambattle

    My Fanfic

    October 26, 2009 by Lyth Streambattle

    It's coming along well. If anyone wants to read it(hint hint) than tell me. keep in mind it is ten pages long and it is a work in progress. 

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