No more requests, trades, commissions, or ANYTHING.

    Why, you are probably asking?

    because 1: I am not physically able to give you great works of art every time you ask. Not that that's a BAD thing per say, but this wiki limits me to redwall stuff. I've been doing that for YEARS, and my creative flow involving it is ebbing away. I'm really sorry if you're expecting pictures, but unless you've been informed they're ALREADY DRAWN I can't finish them. Don't give up hope though, you can still give me requests via DevientART. Why DA? Because it doesn't limit you to ONLY redwall. Don't be discouraged to ask for sci-fi or other stuff, because I CAN do it, I'm just not allowed to here.

    2: Rules. There are just too many for my taste. I want to be able…

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    News (all of it)

    July 14, 2010 by MERLOCK

    Here is the place for news. Keep watching, it'll update.

    July, 18, '10

    Change in progresso. The first name (generation of warriors) is scrapped. I don't know what I'm naming it yet, but I have a plan. I've finished reading the book I'm making a sequel to, and now have officially started writing! --MERLOCK 17:51, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

    July, 13, 2010

    I'm in early stages of development for my new fan fic. I'll give you some news: It's called Generation of Warriors, and it will be a sequel to one of the books, which I am reading and taking notes on now.

    Also, as far as art goes, I'm in a block. And if your pic isn't done (not that its on here already, but if its not drawn yet) you'll have to ask for it again. Sorry, I know that's cruel and mean, but …

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    Think of Me

    May 7, 2010 by MERLOCK

    Martin grasped Rose’s hand. He looked over the hill towards Marshank and took a deep breath. “This is it, Rose, this is the day we’ll free all those slaves and rid the world of Badrang.” He smiled at her.

    “Yes, Martin, I know you will. Just be careful, and… when all this is finally over…” Martin put a hand on Rose’s shoulder. “I’ll be by your side, same as always.”

    She smiled at him and tweaked his nose. “Yes, but more. We’ll be able to enjoy it, without you always thinking about Badrang.” Her face fell from sweet smirk to concern. “You think about him too much. Promise me something, Martin.”

    Martin grasped her hands. “What? Anything, Rose, anything for you.”

    “Don’t think about revenge tonight. Think of me.” Martin’s eyes and hers met for a m…

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    lolz, if u want I'll illustrate your entire fan fic. Only one at a time, so be patient. If u want one for every chap and ur the tenth person it may be like, months till ur turn. Just ask. Whoever asks first shall be first.

    I shall do only minor blood. I'm not gonna make someone's head cut off or nothing, but if u have a paper cut, then oh well. I'll also do scars. I'm fine with them. I'll do it in whatever stance, action, or otherwise u want. I'll do em as many as one or two per chap and I also do covers. I'll do groups, backgrounds, and weapons. Only one fan fic, not all of yours at once. It doesn't matter if it's finnished or not, but please, make haste so I can move on to the next person if your fan fic isn't done. Alright, scratch that, …

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