lolz, if u want I'll illustrate your entire fan fic. Only one at a time, so be patient. If u want one for every chap and ur the tenth person it may be like, months till ur turn. Just ask. Whoever asks first shall be first.


I shall do only minor blood. I'm not gonna make someone's head cut off or nothing, but if u have a paper cut, then oh well. I'll also do scars. I'm fine with them. I'll do it in whatever stance, action, or otherwise u want. I'll do em as many as one or two per chap and I also do covers. I'll do groups, backgrounds, and weapons. Only one fan fic, not all of yours at once. It doesn't matter if it's finnished or not, but please, make haste so I can move on to the next person if your fan fic isn't done. Alright, scratch that, I'll take anyone's fan fic, finished, updated often or no, but I'm doing them one pic at a time so it's fair to EVERYONE! It's also a WHOLE lot easier on me! If u have questions, please, ask! I'll make a few exeptions if u have good points. Thank u. -- The Hunted One Merlock the second!Turn not against me! 20:49, November 15, 2009 (UTC)

12/18/09 Srry i've been gone so long! The internet was down, for like, FOREVER! Anyways, the real reason I came on here was to tell Sam and Lady bloodwrath that I'll get her pic up (the outlined at least) as soon as my dad tells me howt to shrink images, because it's SOOO huge.

Pics so Far

Vermin King's Vermin King (Lol) for his fan fic the Revolution of Mossflower That's a mouthful.

Vermin king for wiki

Vermin King Chap 1

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