• Mago of the Jolly Octopus

    Chapter 1

    Mago tramped along in the suffocating heat, he had left his empty travellers sack where he had camped for the night. Now all he had left to sustain him was the last few dregs of dirty water at the bottom of a large gourd that hung around his neck.

    He was an unusual otter, extremely tall, some even saying in jest he was as tall as a short badger. Although dominating in appearance he lacked a certain bulk to his muscles so most beasts described him as ‘willowy’ or ‘lanky’ when asked to. Certainly he was strong enough, as most otters are, but at the moment he was weakened for want of decent food and drink.

    He stumbled along in a stupor crushing plants and shrubs that got in his way, ignoring the beauty of the forests of Southsward. Unt…

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