• MajorPerigord09

    It was very late afternoon at Redwall Abbey. It had been a scorching summer, but this day was slightly cooler. Redwallers who were outside rested in the shadows of shady trees, while otters splashed and played with Dibbuns in the pond, and elders sat in the orchard, talking of old times. It was truly a typical, peaceful day at the legendary Abbey of Redwall.

    Abbess Meriam was sitting in a chair by the pond with some elders, watching as the Dibbuns played in the shallows of the pond, supervised by the young otter twins, Blatt and Scrimmo, and their mother. Next to the mouse Abbess sat Old Bella, ancient badger mother of Redwall. Bella was so old she seldom found time to leave her big armchair in her room anymore, but she had decided to ventu…

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  • MajorPerigord09


    March 7, 2010 by MajorPerigord09


    It was midnight. A warm, calm summer night. Castle Floret stood tall over the country, and symbol of peace and order. The land of Southsward had been a land of peace for many, many seasons, since the times of Gael Squirrelking and Joseph the Bellmaker. Sure, there were small bands of vermin, but they caused no real trouble, and if they did, they were taken care of by the Floret Royal Guard of otters and squirrels. Granil Squirrelking, descendant of Gael, sat in his bedchamber with his wife, Queen Furala. Both were avid historians, and they were both reading their own separate tomes, dusty books of Southsward's history lent to them by Castle Floret's recorder and librarian, Maro. The otter and squirrel residents of the castle were …

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