Ok, so I finished my story called Warrioress. But I decided to add a short epilogue in which Marion explains to Martin where she was while he was off in Mossflower battling enormous wildcat queens. (Not the most normal siblings in the world).


The reunited pair made camp that night under several oak trees. Martin stirred up a roaring fire.

"Aaah." Marion stretched out her paws to the warmth. Her brother nodded at the jagged white scars.

"Where'd you get these?"

Marion smiled ruefully. "I was kidnapped by one of Badrang's patrols a short time after you must have been. When I saw Badrang for the first time, I lost control and attacked him- unarmed. It took eight of them to get me off him. Then he did this." She extended her paws. "It completely broke me. How could I fight somebeast who could take my sword skills with a single blow? Badrang made me his personal servant. He did everything he could to hurt me. That's why I never approached you. I knew Badrang would do something to you to hurt me. A young mouse and an otter helped me escape eventually."

"Brome and Keyla." Martin supplied the pair's names. "Why didn't you escape the first time?"

"First time? Oh, that squirrel, Felldoh. I couldn't make it in time with my paws like that." She looked at him hard. "You're wearing the sword. What did you do to Marshank?"


"Badrang too?"

Martin nodded. The sibling's laughter echoed far into the night down the eastern coast.


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