aka Marshall Montgomery Jr.

  • I live in Mossflower
  • My occupation is Guardian
  • I am Male
  • MarshallMJR

    “Yurr hurr hurr… Fiddle moi dee, ifn oi ain’t as round as a bumbleebee…” an elderly mole sung in mole dialect as he trundled towards Cavern hole. Suddenly, he was surrounded by dibbuns (the term given to Abbey babes). One dibbun, a serious faced squirrel asked, “You gonna tell us a tory? We likkle ones like a tory.” The old mole smiled. “Aroight you liddle dibbuns, oi’ll tell e a story. Would e loike a noice gurt story?” “I think a story would be very nice”, said a middle aged Hedgehog walking down the steps. This Hedgehog, unlike any other, had no quills. “Woi, favfer abbot, it do moi ole heart good to see e! Oi’m wondering ifn youm would loike to listen to moi story? Hurr Hurr! An e gurtest part be youm in it! All youm dibbuns be gatheri…

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