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    The original essay was written by D2r. Not so much a rebuttal as answering the questions.

    1. Where do the Redwallers - and everyone else, for that matter - get their bread? There is no mention of any wheat fields, mills, etc. - and you'd need all those in place to produce bread in more than token quantities.

    Answer: Just because there is no specific mention of wheat fields does not mean they do not exist. What do you think the woodlander "farmers" staple crop was?

    2. Who makes all the weapons? Someone must be outfitting and equipping the Redwallers, Hordes, Corsairs etc. - but who? A centralized trading power? On that note, where does the iron and steel come from?

    Answer: Not all the weapons are made by the same people. The Badger Lords make …

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    As posted in another essay, Is Madd from Taggerung Fwirl's dead mother?, evidence suggests that Madd is Fwirl's supposedly "dead" mother. The evidences listed were (all quotes from the essay):

    1. "In her life story, Fwirl mentions she was attacked by foxes and she was thrust from the main action. When the vermin left she came out and saw her mother lying still with a deep head wound. When Botarus told Deyna a.k.a Tagg the story he told a very similar account plus that he had saved Madd and named her because she had gone mad from her wound."
    2. "Both of the squirrels had deep head wounds when found by Boatarus and Fwirl respectfully."
    3. "Both were attacked by foxes and by Botarus the addition of other vermin."
    4. (In response to that in Fwirl's story it w…

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    Like any book, the text in the Redwall books is designed to generate a certain mood. Extending details on some subjects and using certain expressions can change the mood of the books. In order to examine fully the general pattern followed by Brain Jaques, we shall examine each of the three parts of the books in turn.

    The first books in the Redwall series are often the fastest paced. They begin usually with a cryptic paragraph or five on the main antagonist, to be later fully revealed. These scenes are designed to give the reader a feeling of impending doom. For example, the first passage in Rackety Tam depicts Gulo the Savage moving towards Mossflower. Next, the scene almost always switches to Redwall Abbey, in a time of peace. The basic int…

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    Waves of Darkness

    March 8, 2009 by Martin2

    Waves crashed over the deck of the ship as the burly sea otter attempted to keep his vessel on course. There was a crack as the mainmast tore itself away from the ship and fell into the ocean. Then, as if Fortune herself had cursed the ship, a vessel sailed out of the rain towards us. It was the dreaded ship, the Searipper, the craft of Zarstan the Cruel. Our steersbeast fought bravely that day, but to no avail. We were captured, all of us.

    - From the recorded account of Joran, entitled My life at sea.

    The old squirrel plummeted from the deck of the corsair ship to the cold dark sea below. The dark waves lapped over him as he tried to swim. He struggled to keep his head above the water, but in his advanced seasons he was fighting a losing batt…

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    The Storm

    February 13, 2009 by Martin2

    A note: I agree with Shieldmaiden. NO AUTHOR KILLING! WHATSOEVER!!!!! This Fan Fiction is dedicated to my Third Grade teacher, who taught me that it's fun to write! For those confused, a score is twenty and a season is one fourth a year.

    This is on Redwall Fan Fiction wiki too. I will try to update on both, but most likely that will be the most recent. [[1]] I will still read comments on here, of course and still inform about updates.

    Never mind. Ignore that I ever said that. That version is waaaaaaaay behind. Actually, this one is also rather behind what I've finished. But suspense is my ally. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The ancient mouse slowly stood up and approached the gathered Dibbuns. “Well that’s the end of that story, young uns.” He intoned. The Di…

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