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As posted in another essay, Is Madd from Taggerung Fwirl's dead mother?, evidence suggests that Madd is Fwirl's supposedly "dead" mother. The evidences listed were (all quotes from the essay):

  1. "In her life story, Fwirl mentions she was attacked by foxes and she was thrust from the main action. When the vermin left she came out and saw her mother lying still with a deep head wound. When Botarus told Deyna a.k.a Tagg the story he told a very similar account plus that he had saved Madd and named her because she had gone mad from her wound."
  2. "Both of the squirrels had deep head wounds when found by Boatarus and Fwirl respectfully."
  3. "Both were attacked by foxes and by Botarus the addition of other vermin."
  4. (In response to that in Fwirl's story it was only foxes)"Fwirl was inside a log so she would not have seen the vermin with her own eyes."
  5. "...Fwirl did not mention whether was dead or not, just lying still."
  6. "Deyna was not dead when Vallug shoot him yet lying still."
  7. (In response to claims that Deyna was a strong fighter) "...Madd was a very strong fighter."

I will attempt to rebut each of these in order:

  1. True. Take into account it is very possible this is just a coincidence.
  2. True. See Above.
  3. It was only foxes in Fwirl's story.
  4. Logs have holes in them.
  5. In every other Redwall tale, a deadbeast as described by a young child is "Lying very still".
  6. True. It is possible for beasts to be unconscious. However, Fwirl's father was gone after the attack, presumably taken as a live slave. If Fwirl's mother had still been alive, she would most likely also have been taken.
  7. Deyna was beyond the power of any normal beast to heal with his wounds, which was simply an arrow in the chest. A deep head wound enough to put Fwirl's mother in a state similar to Deyna's would not have been heal able by Botarus.

Also, it is a work of fiction. If Brian Jaques did not write that Madd was Fwirl's mother, than she is not. Thank you.

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