The original essay was written by D2r. Not so much a rebuttal as answering the questions.

1. Where do the Redwallers - and everyone else, for that matter - get their bread? There is no mention of any wheat fields, mills, etc. - and you'd need all those in place to produce bread in more than token quantities.

Answer: Just because there is no specific mention of wheat fields does not mean they do not exist. What do you think the woodlander "farmers" staple crop was?

2. Who makes all the weapons? Someone must be outfitting and equipping the Redwallers, Hordes, Corsairs etc. - but who? A centralized trading power? On that note, where does the iron and steel come from?

Answer: Not all the weapons are made by the same people. The Badger Lords make some, Southsward makes it's own, and any hoard worth it's salt would have some kind of forge. These are all taken for granted in the books.

(MTC: More to Come)

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