• MasterDarvon

    Badgers revenge

    August 31, 2010 by MasterDarvon

    Heblin of Redwall, the tall and suculint warrior of the famous abbey felt chanels of joy running thorough him as he once again would made the gathering members of the abbey proud as he struged back from a long hunt for the meat they would have at the anual auttom feast. Looking beside him was his old friend George the hare.

    Many made fun of him because of his name, espeshily the dibins, who loved to play and pull the unusually thick coat of hair that only grew on his springy legs. "I dare say old boy, that was a hunt to be proud of wot, wot!" Heblin only smiled to see his friend rise to the occation of joking with darsin the spara. He knew she traked down the beast and was going to give her credit for the kill but she insisted that he had m…

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