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    Authors Note:This is a fanfic I started writing before I joined this site, I had a poll on my page to help me decide waether or not to post and continue this story, well, seven some votes was enough for me! so here it is, and please comment if you like it.(It'll probably suck xP

    This is a tale of Otters,Pirates and war, of tyranny and justice,of right and wrong, of triumph...and tradgedy. Here Evil will strike, perhaps kill, and win. But you must read on to learn the tale......

    Dark,angry purple clouds rolled and boiled fircely accross the dark night sky,Mountinous waves churned and crashed all around;Blinding lightnig followed by deafening thunder ruled the darkness, and evil was on the high seas! Suddenly, a flash of lightning momentarill…

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    The Saga of Mitt

    November 5, 2009 by Maudie Thropple

     Abbess Chesney looked in the strawberry pach for what must have been the hundreth time."Where has that rascal Mit gotten to?" The Abbess muttered to herself."Any luck Durrmy?" She called "Burr, nay, naught ee soighn o' ee youn' rarscley dibbun" Durrmy was the Abbess' mole friend. "A har! gocha!"

    Exclaimed avoice which was identified as blonging to Meggsy the otter. The closest companion of Meggsy who was a squirrel maid named Snowbrush dashed into the strawberry pach calling "Abbes marm they've been found!" The trio ran off to the gatehouse where Mit had been taken.Mit was a dibbun squirrel, the wost out of all the dibbuns! A real troble the Abbess arived, she struggled to compose herself quickly after her unabbesslike charge to t…

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