• Mauran Axestripe
    The young otter struggled in the water, his every limb useless due to the ropes on them. Despite the roaring of the thunder above and the howling of the fierce winds, there was only one thing the otter could hear. Long, low, cruel laughing.

    Sapling yanked her long climbing rope off the oak branch. There was no such exercise as climbing to the top of the massive oak that was her home. Sapling did the climb every day, using less and less of her rope every time. She sighed and stepped back to admire her tree.
    "Yikes!" She yelped as she tripped upon something, falling backwards. She picked herself up and saw a young otter in rags, clutching a small necklet with a little wooden panel. Sapling inspected the carved star, then proceeded to drag the …

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  • Mauran Axestripe

    Soho, young sahs and missies, welcome to the 3rd Mossflower General Company Patrol. This is role-playing, so no comments on comments! I, the young 14-season (I think) old badger Mauran Axestripe, will be leading it to practice for when I am Badger Lady at Salamandastron. Now, some things you need to know...

    • Anybeast of any gender of goodwill is able to join. Be a badbeast and we will boot you out.
    • You may submit two characters to the Recruiting Form. One must be your main character.
    • For now, there are no ranks. Everybeast starts under my orders, then eventually I will allow you to boss others (nicely) if you be good.
    • I wish only to be called Mauran or Mauran Axestripe. Preferably the former.

    • The general stuff: No swearing, not putting others do…

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  • Mauran Axestripe
    Tagg knelt over the stone. He wished he had never asked his sister Sawlinee to come out of the Abbey to play. Now she was gone.
    "Tagg." Tagg turned around to see his aunt.
    "Yes, Abbess?" Abbess Mhera crouched down beside Tagg.
    "I know thing have been hard. Your mother has died, and your sister has been taken by vermin, but believe me, Sawl will find her way back. Because who is her father?"
    Tagg raised his head. "Deyna, the Taggerung!"
    Deyna wandered aimlessly around Redwall Abbey. Every day he would do this, thinking about his beloved wife, Keela, and his daughter, Sawlinee. He ground his teeth as he remembered the day when his son Tagg had come back without Sawlinee, frightened out of his mind and would speak only one word: Juskator. Deyna ha…
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  • Mauran Axestripe

    Several books have loose ends, such as the name of the former High Rhulain, who had died just before reaching Salamandastron. Quite a few of the Fan Fics explains these sort of unknown questions. I have yet to read all of the Fan Fictions, so please tell me on my talk page those stories that I have missed, as well as the authors of a story, as we now have the new blogs. I will continue work on this essay, but for now I will attempt to explain those that I have read below.

    As far as we know, Russano the Wise was found with an anonymous female badger. In Elmstripe's Story, we found out that Russano's real name was Elmstripe, born to Skystripe and Woodrose. Their friend Syan Brushtail warned them of coming vermin, so they sent Elmstripe to his…

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  • Mauran Axestripe

    King Kerad's eyes were fixed on his mate, Jallegur. "Are ye sure tis a female?" he asked.
    Jallegur glared at him. "For the last and final time, yes!"
    Kerad's eyes blazed. "How dare ye talk to the King like that! And what use to me and all the Marlfoxes is a babe, a female one? It, I mean she, is mere filth to my eyes! A male is more useful, we can rule properly. But no. Here comes a female, a firstborn as well! Filth!"
    Jallegur rolled her eyes. "No, Kerad. You are wrong. Not filth. Silth!"
    Kerad narrowed his eyes. "What rubbish are ye talking now?"
    Jallegur sighed. "Have you not learned your lessons, oh wise king?" She said scornfully. "Silth, third queen of Marlfoxes. When she was young, the name meant nothing. Now Silth means cunning and beau…

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