Soho, young sahs and missies, welcome to the 3rd Mossflower General Company Patrol. This is role-playing, so no comments on comments! I, the young 14-season (I think) old badger Mauran Axestripe, will be leading it to practice for when I am Badger Lady at Salamandastron. Now, some things you need to know...

  • Anybeast of any gender of goodwill is able to join. Be a badbeast and we will boot you out.
  • You may submit two characters to the Recruiting Form. One must be your main character.
  • For now, there are no ranks. Everybeast starts under my orders, then eventually I will allow you to boss others (nicely) if you be good.
  • I wish only to be called Mauran or Mauran Axestripe. Preferably the former.


  • The general stuff: No swearing, not putting others down (like, meanly. exchange insults if you want!)
  • No dying. You may be wounded during a battle however.
  • There are to be no references to Fan Fics. (SM, this means you!)
  • No having more than four weapons. And there are to be no unfair things about your character like spikes in your tails... glances about*
  • No being a Mary Sue/Marty Stu. Nobody is perfect.
  • No god-moding. This means that you cannot control other people's characters. This includes things like "*Soandso swipes the pillow at Thisbeast, landing a hit on his shoulder*".
  • Any serious disputes will have to be settled by the.... ahem.... noble art of Hare Boxing.
  • One comment for each character if you have two. This means you can double comment.
  • I have the right to kick you out. I will do this by hiding all comments. Don't worry, I am reasonable.
  • You must have to eat and drink. And if you like, you can duck behind bushes if you want a bit of privacy...

Other stuff will be added later.

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