• May Streamdog

    A Wildcat's dreams

    April 29, 2011 by May Streamdog

    Chapter one

    Dewlen stared hard into the eagle's eyes, his sabre raised. The huge golden eyes stared back, unblinking.

    "I've told ye befor, I chave not seen nor cheard of thiz place! Kaawwwwwrr!" Harque exclaimed. The Wildcat's sabre prodded one of the golden eagle's wings. The fresh green grass below seemed to shiver with fright along with the rest of its neighbours. The trees swayed calmly from side to side, their old and ancient trunks planted firmly in the moist earth below. They had witnessed many wild battles and terrible murders in their long lifetime.

    "Then how come you, who have sqawked with seagulls and albatrosses, not heard of a giant slab of rock where hedgehogs dwel?!"

    The wildcat's plan was to lay seige on Balius Island, and use …

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