• Mcllego

    Mason the Warrior

    March 29, 2011 by Mcllego

    This is a story that I will be developing. I will chose a character that you guys will contribute. Just tell me what the character is and what they do and I will expand. So I don't have 15 different stories I will give a prologue.

    The sleek ship skimmed across the Eastern Sea. The lone figure at the helm gave a savage howl. His name sent chills into even the bravest fighter. Squaltur! At the helm of his ship, Wavecrash he prowled the Northeastern shore. All trembled before his name except one, the sea! When he first set out his fleet numbered five. Now it was reduced to one lone ship. But the horde still numbered many. Squaltur planned to make a few stops before setting south to every vermin's dream home. Redwall Abbey!

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