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    January 21, 2013 by Mewtworules

    This is an allegorical story about the implications of dictatorship and non-progressive industry. Do not assume that weasels, ferrets, and other bad beasts are bad here; species will be used with liberty.

    King Elgum was a portly weasel, and he lived in a castle; nothing remarkable about that. He was the sole ruler, with no Magna Carta to control him. Still, nothing remarkable about that. What is remarkable is his punitive system. An armada of lictors would dress in commoner garb and mingle with the people, noting their transgressions. Recording them continuously, each year, they would meet and create punitive sentences for each individual, which were then approved by the king with his trademark seal, Aquila Magna: an eagle striking down on …

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  • Mewtworules

    This is a collection of short stories I'll be writing. It's cumulative, so don't expect an epilogue. It's Redwall themed (obviously) and they will all have different moods. (Funny, sad, happy, scary, serious, the list goes on! I will even take suggestions in the comments!)

    Remember, this is a storybook for Redwall beasts. You will find things like shamans who perform occult rituals and animals not in the canonical universe.

    "Hey, Oakley! Look what I found in the attic!"

    The young squirrel came rushing down the stairs. She had a book in her hand; the cover was covered in dust and the pages were yellowish. Oakley the hare came to meet the squirrel at the foot of the stairs. He saw the book, all covered in dust.

    "Elaine, dust it off! Let's see wh…

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  • Mewtworules

    " head...Craz...Skrowt...mou...what...what...WHAT...WHAT DID YOU DO?!!"

    The raging Ruzenpaw was hit again with a branch.

    Ruzenpaw looked down from the tree he was in. He looked at his captor—none other than the fearsome Lasko Catta!

    "Fool, ya almost got yourself killed. What mousewarrior in his right mind runs ta get himself butchered?"

    "They killed the mouse! I owe him his life! He saved us all! I saw it all happen! He—"

    Ruzenpaw's mouth was clamped shut by Lasko.

    "The mouse gives ya his life, and you throw it away? Have ya no sense? Warriors need reason, and not just courage. You are not a warrior."

    The words stung Ruzenpaw. He had thought himself a warrior to this day. He felt ashamed of himself.

    Lasko spoke. "I won't let ya return to …

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  • Mewtworules

    This is a short, poignant story. I don't know whether it will be completed or not. This story was inspired by ScotyBlue's Fan Fiction, Little Flower.

    I would like to dedicate this tale to ScottyBlue, who always would help me through rough times, help me feel better when I go through bouts of depression, and who gives constructive criticism on my work. Thank you, Scotty.

    The castaway, the fox that exposed the hypocrisy of his leader, the outcast.

    The Flame, the name of the fox. The castaway, the outcast. The one that dared speak out against the fat, lazy, leader...

    "No, I'm going to get myself gutted like a fish if I talk like that." Flame's brother, Luteo, was killed for stabbing the leader. They had no parents, being abandoned due to their tim…

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  • Mewtworules

    The villain war

    March 15, 2012 by Mewtworules

    It was a sunny day wen the redwallers had their feast. Fourmole Grubble made his pies and very one liked them. All of a sudden, a villain snuk up on the Abbot Scaville and trapped him and said If youse dont give me treasure in too days ill kill your abbot.

    The war had begun. The champyon of redwall had to do something.

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