The Castaway

It was a calm day on Green Isle, sun shining, and leaves lazily waving with the breeze. However, in the palace of the wildcat chief, Crazar, the Sharp Clawed-one, it was anything but peaceful. "Silence!" shouted the wildcat. "You are all here to witness the punishment of a slave who spoke out against me, and dared to even mark my face!" Crazar indicated a small scratch on his cheek. He signaled to a guard, and a mouse was dragged out. The mouse was wearing rags, tattered and torn from an apparent skirmish. He was wounded and bruised in several places, but the look on his face showed a spirit so strong, that not even death could make it wilt. He stared at Crazar as the wildcat issued an order to two of his ferret soldiers. "For this slave's unspeakable crime, he shall receive one hundred lashes!" The slaves positioned on a small wooden bench, flanked by wildcat guards, gasped at the severity of this punishment. The mouse, however, just remained unmoved. "And now, the day has come for my son, the future ruler of Green Isle, to prove himself."The chieftain's son, Felazar, walked in. "Felazar, give this slave the hundred lashes!" With trembling paws, the prince took the whip. As he approached the unfortunate slave and lifted the whip, Felazar found that his paws would not obey; he could not whip the slave. Prince Felazar had always been the nonviolent type. That had earned him the displeasure of his father, but nonetheless, the prince was unequalled in the art of swordplay.

                            He did not know it at the time, but his show of mercy changed his future forever..............

"Fool! This is the last time that I will put up with your cowardice!" roared Crazar with inordinate fury. "I'll make such an example of you that no beast will ever be a coward!" Later, the unconscious form of Felazar, the castaway, was seen bobbing away from Green Isle on the mechanical movement of the waves...

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