Captain Ulheg felt unsure of himself. He had always been one of Crazar's top men. However, some seasons ago, he noticed a change in the emperor. Crazar had become more irascible, and the shameful act of Felazar and the slave escape had made his anger grow exponentially. This was not enough to sway Ulheg, but Crazar's callous murder of that "lackey" greatly shocked him. At night, in his barracks, Ulheg made a decision that would change his life forever.

"Crazar is insane. I can't serve him anymore. Better to help the escaped slaves whose cause is truly noble."

Thus was his mind made up. The first part of his plan involved the slave quarters. He stealthily went up to the slave compound in the darkness of the night. One partially insane lackey swore that he saw a ghost and was locked up in the dungeon. He walked up to a slave, and bandaged his mouth. The slave woke up instantly, and tried to cry out. The bandage would not let him.

"Don't worry. I am- or, I used to be Cap'n Ulheg. I am here to guide ye to freedom." Torky the slave was suspicious, but he decided to believe Ulheg. After all, what could be worse than slavery? After about ten slaves were freed, they quietly walked out of the compound. Ulheg carried a whip and a white sheet, in case he needed a disguise. After about two hours, Ulheg and the liberated slaves hide behind a relatively large boulder.

"Okay. Here's d' plan. I will lead you to three escaped slaves, also seasoned warriors, who can help ye. I knows them, because I spotted them. I forgot to tell Crazar, though. Go north of this boulder until ye see an oak. Only oak on dis island. Go left and you will find a mole's den. Get inside dat place and you will be safe. Those warriors will guide you from there. If they ask, tell them Cap'n Ulheg decided to help 'em." Cellado, an old, wise slave sopke up. "What are you going to do?"

"Yer gonna see."

                                  * * *

Ulheg, now in the barracks, located Captain Orka's chamber. He snuck in, took a belt, and strangled Orka quietly. Then, he covered him up in his own blanket as if nothing happened.

"Go to Hellgates, ye filthy devil. No one will miss ye!" The sun was rising. Acting quickly, Ulheg went to the armory. He took a torch, lit a wooden support that he had soaked in oil, and quickly left. He signaled a sparrow friend.

"Tell that slave, Ruzenwhatever, that tomorrow would be a nice time to make an ambush." The sparrow dutifully left to carry the message. Ulheg, to maximize his help to the escaped slaves, rushed back into the barracks.

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