The day of preparation for the great journey passed by uneventfully. The land of sleep, however, was far from normal for Felazar. He found himself on a platform in the night sky. Stars swirled around him. He then realized that he was not alone. A completely golden badger was standing with him. "Heroes appear once in a while, to right a wrong." Apparitions of various creatures wielding weapons and sporting a face of pure determination appeared all around them. A spear-wielding badger, a squirrel with a rusty rapier, and a shrew with a bow and arrow floated by. "These are the heroes of the past." A mouse with a beautiful sword, a badger with a broad sword, and an otter with a sling drifted by. "These are the heroes of the future." Felazar stood still, bewildered. "They suffered pain and misery throughout their quests, but also joy and happiness. So have you, and you will experience it in the future also. It all amount to something, and I have a place for all heroes in Dark Forest." Felazar said nothing, but listened intently. "Do you know who I am?" asked the golden badger kindly. "No," Felazar replied, slowly gaining back his senses. "I am Lord Sol the Golden, ruler of the sunrise and the lands beyond. I live in Dark Forest." "Where are we right now?" asked Felazar, looking around him. "We aren't anywhere. If you meant physically, we are at the Guosim campsite. I am but a spirit, able to enter the mind at will. You, however, must now wake up and continue your physical life. May luck be with you." Felazar fell into a void and woke up in reality. "Good mornin', Felazar! The wind's good today, so we're settin' sail today itself!" Log-a-Log Sarko donned a wildcat breastplate, a helmet, and his rapier. "Yer provisions are on the ship. Equip yerself. I took special care to give you a wildcat scimitar. I heard it's yer favorite weapon. All the Guosim warriors on the quest are ready, so hurry up."

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