Captain Skrowtz, leader of the forty elite warriors known to many by the name of Death Dealers, led his entourage toward the presumed sighting of the fugitive slaves. He was sent by Crazar (after hearing out an especially long rant and witnessing a few injuries from thrown stones) to find the slaves- and kill them on the spot. He was right, of course, for those Death Dealers had a suspiciously evolved sense of smell. Was it because of training? Or was it because of a mutation? These Death Dealers did not care. For all their skill, agility, tracking ability, and bloodlust, they could not think for themselves. Captain Skrowtz could, so he was the undisputed leader of his batch of "honeybees", as he compared them to. Skrowtz's tracking skills never failed him. This was no exception. However, lots of scent lingering around could sometimes lead to a classic, well made spike trap, with many pairs of eyes watching them from the fugitives, completely covered with the scent of grass. The leaf-covered cloth gave way, and ten Death Dealers fell on the spikes. Screams erupted everywhere, some of agony and some of shock. Some agile Death Dealers climbed down, neatly avoiding the spikes, and got some of their comrades who did not die on the spot. Ruzenpaw, Raktree, Longtail, and the other ten slaves (Cellado, Riven, Reket, Timpo, Navia, Sravina, Blue, Burrbi, Irka, and the youngest, Isinga) watched with glee as some of the wildcats met their well-deserved fate. "That trap sure came in handy. It's a pity that my nemesis, Skrowtz, did not get impaled." Ruzenpaw truly hated Skrowtz.

The Death Dealers numbered now at thirty-five, five on stretchers to be carried back to the barracks. Ruzenpaw and the others had scored a great victory, and Snouty the mole had prepared a feast fit for a king to celebrate. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and stories of wildcat killing were circulated. "We shurr kill'd them Death Dealurz!" "I want to slash 'em up one day!" "I swear," said Ruzenpaw,"one day I shall slay Skrowtz and the rest of the scum that inhabit this place!"

                                  * * *

"There is a traitor in our midst," announced Crazar. "I saw a cat-don't know who, though- talking to a sparrow. the sparrow flew off, but I shot it with my bow and arrows." Ulheg winced inwardly. "WHO IS THE TRAITOR? I WILL NOT STAND AN INWARD REBELLION!" hollered the emperor. "By the blade of my cutlass, the head of my arrow, the tip of my claws, WHO?" No one dared answer. "I'll find out, sooner or later." Crazar ended his monologue there, and headed for his palace.

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