Scurul the chameleon was scouring the forest for the traitor. However, Ulheg was at the barracks, planning his next move. Scurul, however, was not aware of this, and in his desperation (Crazar had said to him,"Bring the traitor or your head!"), he ventured into the territory of Lasko Catta the lemur. Lasko Catta was a feared enemy of Crazar's. Crazar and him once engaged in single combat, and Crazar was lucky to escape with his life. Today, Lasko was hungry, and seeing that chameleon sealed Scurul's fate.

"Chameleon, chameleon, must eat. First shoot, then eat. Yikayikayikaya!" An arrow flew from Lasko's longbow, accompanied by his raucous war cry. The unfortunate chameleon was pinned to the ground. Lasko leapt from his perch on his tamarind tree, and put away his bow. "Chameleon yumyum, maybe catspy. Spy of crazy cat king. I kill him and his undercats."

Scurul was not the only unlucky underling of Crazar. The Death Dealers, who had suffered a defeat from Ruzenpaw and his army, were making their way back to Crazar's kingdom. Lasko saw them.

"Undercats coming. Must shoot up," he muttered to himself. He climbed up his tamarind tree, and let loose two arrows. One hit Captain Skrowtz's shoulder, and another ripped out the life of another cat, Ulgott. Lasko did a quick head count of the remaining Death Dealers.

"Yikayik, only thirty-four of youse left!"

"It's Lasko Catta! Open fire, archers!" yelled Captain Skrowtz, eager to have at least one good thing to tell Crazar. However, when the arrows flew, Lasko started leaping around in the thick foliage of his tamarind tree.

"Yikayikayikaya! Foolbeasts will never get Lasko! Hehehe! Yikayikayikayik!"

Lasko's taunts, coupled with his two great defeats today, were enough for Skrowtz to lose his temper. He screamed at the top of his lungs, and ran with his squad back to the barracks.

Unknown to anyone, Snouty the mole was watching the whole affair. He recounted the scene to Ruzenpaw and his friends.

"Do you think that lemur might be friendly to us?" asked Cellado.

"Anyone who works against the scum of this cursed island is a friend of ours," said Ruzenpaw.

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