The winds were strong, the sun was shining, and it was a perfect day for sailing to Green Isle. However, Log-a-Log Sarko would have said otherwise.

"Ugh! Water all around, and this vessel rocks too much! Why couldn't we have stuck to logboats and streams?" complained Sarko.

"This is the only vessel that will get us where we want," sighed Felazar, explaining it for the umpteenth time. He was the only one who was familiar with sailing, and he was a great sailor too. Unfortunately, he was the only wildcat on board, and all the other twenty-five shrews were seasick. Bodel (who was coaxed to come on the journey, despite his hatred for Felazar) was heard to mutter something about a trap and a filthy vermin on board.

"Pay no heed to Bodel, he's just awfully stereotyped," said Sarko, even though he was trying hard to not lose consciousness.

"I have a question," said one of the younger shrews to Felazar. "Yer name is Felazar, and yer father's name is Crazar. Do all yer names end in `zar`?"

"Yes, indeed, `zar` is my family name. My grandfather was named Mortzar. He really wasn't a horrible person. His wildcats and him just stayed to their own territory. Crazar killed him, and he wanted his wildcats to plunder. This ship, the Greeneye, was a pirate ship. I use a compass to find my way across the sea. At the center of the compass is a `cat's eye` gem, hence this ship's name," replied Felazar.

"Green Isle sure has some interesting history," remarked the young shrew, Luko. All the other shrews were listening, but were still in some slight agony.

"Don't worry, after a few days, you'll get used to sea life," assured Felazar.

                                    * * * 

Felazar was visited in his dreams by Sol the Badger again.

"You have begun a long journey, full of excitement, joy, and hardships. You must face all of this with bravery, yet stay on your feet."

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