"I don't like it." A suspicious shrew showed to others his lack of trust. "That dirty vermin sure got somethin' up 'is sleeve." "Come on, Bodel! You couldn't even trust me with your belongings, but now you do! Have some trust in that cat," said Urtha the shrew. "Utha, will the cat be okay?" inquired Bikko, the shrewbabe. "Why, certainly!" Urtha always had a soft spot for the helpless and injured. While this was going on, Sarko and Felazar were having a private discussion. "It's final now. We're going to clear that Green Isle place of those filthy villains. "Log-a-Log Sarko, I'm in it with you. We must now make plans to invade Green Isle." "Well, ye know of this island, so tell me wot ye can." "Emperor Crazar, curse his name, has an army of wildcats, four hundred strong. He also has a group of elite warriors called the Death Dealers, one hundred strong. No one can stand even against one. If he is losing a battle, he calls out the Death Dealers to turn the tables." "And how do ye suppose we defeat all o'them?", inquired Sarko, a bit disheartened. "Guerilla warfare, that's the key! We weaken his army, pick off his death dealers, and then topple the rest!" "Yes, but how do we amass a force strong enough?" asked Sarko. "How many Guosim do you have?" "Many. I'll take half of my best warriors, and a few archers and slingers. It's settled; we leave in three days!" declared the enthusiastic shrew chieftain."Oh yes, if you need a ship, we killed a shipload of wildcat corsairs a week ago and took their ship, provisions, and weapons!" This statement set the quest in stone.

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